Hounds Hot Take- Netflix is overrated

Published 2 years ago -

Alright, now before I find hundreds of students outside of my dorm with pitchforks wanting my head for this blasphemy, just stop and think.

Yes, you can absolutely make the case that Netflix is home to some of the most favored shows and movies, such as The Office, Bob’s Burgers and Grey’s Anatomy. That being said, when was the last time that Netflix actually updated their shows? You can only watch The Office so many times until you find yourself quoting every Michael Scott line. The shows listed along with other favorites have been on Netflix for so long that at this point a “Netflix show of the week” is really just what show with the slightest bit of relevance has been on Netflix for a substantial amount of time and will remain available to be binge-watched. At this point, it has come down to trying to scavenge for whatever seems remotely interesting.

And if you are going on Netflix to watch a movie, forget it. There is a better chance of me making the NBA than finding a quality film on Netflix. Yes, there is a selection of decent movies available, however, most of them are the most common movies that have all been watched at one point or another. If the feature available is not one of the most well-known, it is among the list of the most irrelevant and monotonous movies. It has gotten to the point where I go through the list looking for a quality watch, and I question what could ever elicit someone to make such inane ideas for a movie a reality. My next thought, naturally, is what would possess Netflix to want to acquire these movies for their members. Maybe instead of filling the website with irrelevant, disenchanting programming, Netflix would be better off searching for a newer selection of movies and shows to add to their stale list.

On the other hand, the one thing that Netflix does have going for them is their own selection of Netflix Original Series, some of the most popular being House of Cards and Stranger Things. This one aspect seems to be the only thing keeping Netflix relevant. Yet a few interesting series does not a quality streaming service make.

This entire hot take is based off my idea that everyone acts like Netflix is a gift from God because no one wants to be the one to step up and admit that Netflix really just is not all that good. There is no variety, selection or simply anything enticing about Netflix at the moment. I am not saying that none of this can be fixed; Netflix can avoid all of this by just updating their site and supplying a list of shows that interest their massive audience. Love it or hate it, Netflix is just built on hype. Not good.

Anthony Mastrocola is a staff writer for Le Provocateur

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