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There will come a time in your life where you honestly have to look at yourself and ask: How is Lady Gaga really this amazing? If you haven’t come to this point yet, trust me, you will. There is something in this woman’s repertoire for everyone.

First, it was “Just Dance,” the pop song that swept the world and still makes everyone get up at wedding receptions and hit the dance floor. Though the song was released eight years ago, it can still be challenging to listen to a hit radio station for more than a few hours without hearing it played.

Since then, Gaga has partnered with incredible artists such as Beyoncé and Tony Bennett, and her albums have been nothing less than stellar. Spanning from exciting and revolutionary pop to jazzy masterpieces, Gaga has shown off her different passions and talents in many different forms.

Most recently, Gaga dropped a new single,“Perfect Illusion,” on Friday, September 9. Have you heard it? Yes? Excellent. No? Pause here, listen to it, and then come back. Are we all caught up? Good.

Already at number four on Apple’s charts, “Perfect Illusion” seems to be doing quite well. The song is undoubtedly unlike the hits off of ARTPOP, Gaga’s last full solo album, and of course, drastically different from Cheek to Cheek, Gaga’s jazz album with Tony Bennett released in September 2014.

This single is everything our angsty, pop-loving selves needed with a blend of in-your-face beats to keep you pumped up and lyrics that pretty much tell your ex whatever happened between the two of you is done and wasn’t even true love.

Gaga knows. Lady Gaga has an incredible way of being relatable and down to earth even though she is notorious for her over-the-top showmanship and dress. Her simple but powerful lyrics and undeniably catchy music make for pop perfection.

Good news for everyone who was scared this song was about Gaga’s long-time love Taylor Kinney—it’s not. Gaga confirmed in an interview with Andy Cohen that the song is not related to Kinney and that she in fact loves him very much.

If you have yet to fully commit to the song, you can check it out now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and YouTube.

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