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What kind of music did you listen to this summer? Was it Drake’s newest release? Maybe Blink-182’s new album? Regardless, lots of great hits were released this summer and made for perfect music to listen to while at the beach, working out or even just hanging out with friends. Out of all of these songs however, one sticks out in particular.

The famous Justin Timberlake’s (otherwise known as JT) released his “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” which has been properly crowned ‘Song of the Summer’. Throughout the last couple of months, this toe-tapping song can be heard just about anywhere. It’s playing in the mall, on the radio and at just about any summer get-together. From a personal experience of spending the day at Hampton Beach, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” was heard a total of seven different times from varying Bose speakers, with ecstatic beachgoers jumping up to dance and sing along.

So besides the fact that this song is super catchy and makes you want to turn up your radio volume a little louder, here is some background information about the piece. Timberlake’s hit was released on May 6, 2016 and will be featured in the new DreamWorks film Trolls coming out this November. Upon release, it quickly climbed the charts and reached number one on iTunes, Spotify and Billboards Adult Pop Songs.

Sure, there are other popular songs that reached their way up to number one on the charts, but even when songs like “One Dance” by Drake featuring Wiz Kid and Kyla or “Closer” by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey took over, Timberlake’s hit was still being played just as much as these songs were. Currently, his song remains in the top 50 songs played around the world, according to Spotify, clearly showing it’s a global favorite.

Not only is this happy-go-lucky song fun to listen to, but also the music video brings just as many good vibes to the viewer as it would listening to it on the radio. The song is exactly what you would expect it to be: a bunch of people dancing and having a good time. The video illustrates the song very well, featuring normal, everyday people from a barber to a truck driver dancing along to Timberlake’s music in their own unique way. Timberlake joins these people at the end of the video as they all dance together.

Yet again, Timberlake doesn’t fail to please his listeners and brought to the public another incredible piece of music. “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” is the perfect song to bring a smile to anybody’s face and can instantly put someone into a better mood. With the upbeat lyrics and rhythm of the song, no one can stop the feeling of happiness that Timberlake brings in this classic top 2016 summer pick.

Katarina Lewczyk is a staff writer for Le Provocateur

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