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Hello Hounds. I hope you are all enjoying your first few weeks on campus. My name is Jeff Letourneau, and I am the President of the Student Government Association (SGA). As this is my first column for the Provoc this year, I thought it would be helpful to give you a brief background of who I am and why I chose to run for SGA President. I am a senior from Methuen, Mass. and I am majoring in political science with minors in philosophy and law, ethics, and constitutional studies (LEX).

I joined SGA my first-year and was elected as the Class of 2017’s President. I served as class president until the end of my junior year, when I decided to run for SGA President. I decided to join SGA for a reason I know you’ve all heard several times—to be involved on campus and have a voice in the happenings and discussions of campus matters. We all adjust to college life differently, and for me, getting involved was my way of fitting in to this community. I can proudly say that running for SGA was one of the best decisions I have made. The people I have met and the experiences I have had through this organization have shaped me into the person I am today.

That’s enough about me, though; let’s get to the important stuff. As part of the SGA executive team, I’m joined by three seniors and one junior; Ian Burns is a junior and is SGA’s Vice President for Student Affairs, Mike Doyle is a senior and is the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Jeremy Virga is a senior and is SGA’s Vice President for Financial Affairs and Ele Eastwood is a senior and our Senate Speaker.

One of my main goals this year is to increase collaboration among all clubs on campus. I am trying to revamp Leaders Engaging And Discussing (LEAD) council (which I encourage all clubs to be a part of). It is an organization that is in its early years of a revamping process. My goal for LEAD is to eventually have it become a self-sustaining organization in which different clubs can come together to share ideas and open the door for collaboration. Collaboration is a big goal of mine because I feel that as Assumption students, we should all work together and support each other, whether it is through club events or sports games.

Other projects I have include building a pub on campus and increasing school spirit. The campus pub talks are still in the very early stages, but my goal is to have a proposal sent in to administration by the end of the semester. I am looking to increase school spirit with the help of Ian Burns as we explore different ways to get students to sporting events to support our fellow Hounds.

Before looking too far into the future, I want to relay some of the changes implemented by SGA last year. Some of the most recent SGA changes include a new sophomore meal plan, upgraded Wi-Fi across campus, and 24 hour study rooms during finals. As most of you know, SGA also teams up with Athletics to sponsor the highly anticipated Midnight Madness. Due to some copyright issues we are unable to keep the name Midnight Madness. SGA is looking into potential alternative names, but I encourage you all to reach out to SGA if you have any ideas yourself.

I am excited to begin working on this year’s projects. All ideas, past and present, have been inspired by your feedback and suggestions in an effort to improve your experience at Assumption. As always, if you have questions or opinions on any Assumption-related matter, please contact a member of SGA, or myself at

I am beyond excited to see what this year will bring and I look forward to all of the wonderful achievements that are yet to come. I wish you the best of luck this year in everything you do.

Jeff Letourneau is a staff writer for Le Provocateur

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