Everyone has a green thumb at CAB event

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Every dorm room needs a bit of green. Plant Night, a weekend Campus Activities Board (CAB) event that took place on September 9, had lines of students winding through Charlie’s in search of just that. Some students were in line to claim a small bamboo plant, while others were in line for license plates with customizable messages. A third line of students waited for their turn to choose a potted plant, as well as paint supplies to personalize the new addition to their dorm rooms.

First-year Waylin Walls Parker painted the pot of her new plant blue and pink with a golden rim. This was Parker’s first weekend CAB event, and she said she didn’t expect to see the large number of fellow students that she did.

“Plants are kind of huge right now, as a lot of people want them for their rooms,” said Chris Leonetti, a senior and CAB weekend entertainment executive. “I just figured, let’s incorporate that in an event.” According to Leonetti, this is the first Plant Night CAB has done.

“We do a lot of DIY events so students can decorate their dorm rooms, but we’ve never actually given out actual plants. We have done bamboo in the past, but we took it a step further this year.”

Plant Night attendee Mark San Clemente said he still has his bamboo plant from a previous CAB event.

“It’s still alive and it’s from my first year, so that’s exciting. They last a long time,” said the junior, who also said he hopes it survives until his senior year, provided he doesn’t kill it. San Clemente said he enjoyed Plant Night’s music, food, free plants and license plates, which he customized to spell out his nickname, “Marky Mark.”

“As weekend entertainment, my job is to make sure students can have fun on the weekends. So, we try putting on different events every year that people can come to and get something cool out of it to bring back to their dorms, or just have a great time,” said Leonetti.

Rachael Towne, a first-year Plant Night attendee, did just that. Towne took advantage of all the Plant Night stations, finishing the night with a license plate, a bamboo plant and a hand painted potted flower she’ll keep on her window sill or her refrigerator.

“I enjoyed getting to have fun, meeting new people and bonding more with friends,” she said. Towne looks forward to the next weekend CAB event.



Hannah White, a first-year, studies English and environmental studies. She is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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