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Germs, creepy paintings, death, fire and clowns. These are the fears that come to life in the new 2017 version of Stephan King’s It. Originally released in 1990 the It miniseries, which features a standout performance by Tim Curry as Pennywise the dancing clown, was popular enough for it to be labeled a cult classic. Making some nervous for a new depiction of the creepy story. But, fans of killer clowns can breathe as floating red balloons have never been more terrifying than in this new adaptation.

Directed by Andy Muschietti, It follows “The Losers Club,” a group of kids who begin to be tormented by the terrifying clown Pennywise after a string of disappearances have already occurred in the town of Derry, Maine. The clown uses their worst fears to manipulate the kids as it plans to hunt them down one by one. The band of misfits need to stick together in order to rid the town of Pennywise’s antics.

On all accounts, the film has been cast perfectly. All of the kids are played by actors who are actually, you know, kids. They talk, react and behave like actual children. Not weird Hollywood depictions of kids. On top of that, they’re all likable and are the perfect characters to root for throughout the film.

Some stand outs include Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard, who is completely hilarious and lovable as Richie the Loser Club’s talkative jokester. This is a character who could have become annoying very quickly, but Wolfhard’s delivery is completely on point. His character ended up getting the most laughs throughout the entire two hour and 15 minute run time.

Another stand out was Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie, the group germaphobe. This kid was so hysterical and so adorable. It is Grazer’s first major film roll making his performance that much more impressive and will definitely make every wait to see what he has to offer in the future.

Of course, the performance that everyone is curious about is Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise. Taking over a role that was made iconic by another actor is never easy, especially when it was done by someone as talented as Tim Curry. But, Skarsgård’s Pennywise is just as nightmare inducing as Curry’s. In this version, Pennywise is a little more hidden. Sure, he’s still ridiculous and has completely weird and bizarre moments, but he has some quieter moments in this film. The character doesn’t really talk much beside the opening scene, after that it’s all one lines and screams, which makes him more menacing.

Does this make Skarsgård better than Curry? I wouldn’t say that. It’s two different performances, both strong and both will be scaring audiences for decades.

As a film, It will terrify even the toughest of horror fans. It’s fast-paced with characters who you will be rooting for until the end. An end that won’t be coming until part two of the series has been released.




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