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Welcome back to school, Hounds. My name is Julia and I am the president of Merely Players Drama Club, the focus of this issue’s Club Spotlight.

Merely Players is a student-run drama club dedicated to bringing laughs and idiocy to Assumption’s campus. In the past, we’ve put on productions of Shakespeare classics such as Much Ado About Nothing, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Taming of the Shrew, along with two One-Act Festivals with scenes from beloved television shows and original works written by our very own members.

This semester, we’ll be performing Romeo and Juliet. Yes, I know, it’s been done to death, but we’re looking at it from a comedic perspective. We have a great group of hysterical students that play off each other really well, so I’m confident the show will be amazing.

And hey, good news, we booked the new auditorium for the show. So even if you’re not super interested in Shakespeare, it’s still a chance to spend an hour and a half in the fancy new building, so come on down on December 1 and 2.

My favorite thing about Merely Players is the fact that our main focus is fun. We perform shows that we enjoy for the enjoyment of others, trying to make them as funny as possible. This year, our own Caitlin Pierson will be working with us on improvisational games and exercises to improve our skills and make our production of Romeo and Juliet the best it can be.

In other news, we’ll be having our first-ever Late Night event in Charlie’s in March, so mark your calendars. It will be Whose Line Is It Anyway? – type games with performers from the club and audience participation, which I know everyone always loves.

The cast of Romeo and Juliet:

Romeo – Mark Blatchford

Juliet – Renee Leavitt

Burse – Jaime Brodeur

Mercutio – Nicole Dufresne

Benvolio – Alyssa Cunha

Friar Lawrence – Alex Geragotelis

Prince Escalus – Kayli Berardinelli

Tybalt – Gina Savino

Capulet – Sarah Shillinglaw

Lady Capulet – Faith Monroe

Montague – Abby Metcalf

Lady Montague – Sophie Dewshap

Paris – Latasha Snider

Friar John – Theresa Lizotte

Apothecary – Lillie Blair

Balthasar – Caitlin Pierson

Sampson – Marissa Dakin

Gregory – Alicia Sagastume

Abraham – Taylor Perry

Peter – Erin Jovan

So that’s Merely Players in a nutshell. It’s basically just a bunch of students who love making people laugh. We hope to see you at our performances, have a great semester.




Julia Stevens, a senior, studies English and elementary education. She is a copy editor for Le Provocateur.


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