Senior Column: Katelyn Merrigan

Published 4 months ago -

Dear fellow seniors,

Our graduating year is in full swing and you better be ready for it, because it goes by fast, or so we’ve heard. But that’s the funny thing about being ready; we never are. The truth is, we are most likely going to take this semester, this year, the only way we know how: routine. Day by weekend by month we will stress and laugh and become all consumed in life’s familiar rhythm until bam – it will happen; college will have happened.

No matter how hard I try to avoid the unavoidable, everywhere I turn I am presented with little reminders that my time here is just temporary. Senior year is chalked full of looming “last’s.” You will take your last class with your favorite professor, soon celebrate your last Halloween with all of your roommates, you’ll play your last game, not of the season but of your entire athletic career. And all the while we have to have a semi-focus on the future. Whether it means applying to jobs, graduate programs, or relying on the CDIC to help us be a little less confused, we are forced to look ahead.

Within the past month I’ve grown to view every aspect of college with the unsettling realization that it won’t always be like this. The real world is not college. Real life does not offer you free cupcakes in Charlie’s at 10 p.m. In real life, there’s no rolling out of bed and being confident in your ability to get just about anywhere within 10 speed-walked minutes. No, life’s streets aren’t all filled with familiar faces that will always smile back.

Last’s are scary, but you know what? They don’t have to be. As difficult as it is to be “ready” for college to slip away, I’ve been preparing my readiness by grasping all that I can. As backwards as it sounds, in some ways, I’m just like a first-year student. I have come into my final year with my eyes wide open, because my last year also means my last chance for “first’s.”

Knowing there’s an end to it all has got me wanting to absorb every ounce of college that I can. Suddenly I feel like I need to constantly be tossing a frisbee around, flaunting more Assumption gear and doing all that stereotypical college students “should” do.

But maybe it isn’t about doing what we should do, and instead, doing what we’ve always wanted to do, but just never have. Why not make it your first time attending one of those school sponsored movie series, or showing up at a random club meeting? Go cheer at that game in the cold. Go participate in all you have never had a chance to participate in before. I am going to make the most of what time I have left. And what better time to embrace being a college kid than the present?

The silver lining in all of this is, guess what? It’s only September. No, I am certainly not ready for it all to end, but our year has just begun. Let’s use that fear of it slipping away and turn it into a need to embrace it all. Let’s do what we love, and be open to trying new things, making new friends too. This last year can be as exciting and nerve-wracking as our first. But this time, we can be confident in knowing that we’ve done a lot, we’ve grown a lot, and our time is not quite over yet.



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