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Tsostis lives up to the hype

Published 1y ago -

In April 2016, Assumption College broke ground on its newest attraction: the 62,000 square foot Tsotsis Academic Center. Members of the Board of Trustees stood alongside President Cesareo as he stood in the snow and addressed faculty and students: “This new ... More »

Violence in Virgina

Published 1y ago -

Just prior to the return to the school year here at Assumption, violence broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia, during a protest of the white nationalist Unite the Right rally. The rally, organized by Jason Kessler, was originally organized to voice oppositio... More »

Senior Column: Katelyn Merrigan

Published 1y ago -

Dear fellow seniors, Our graduating year is in full swing and you better be ready for it, because it goes by fast, or so we’ve heard. But that’s the funny thing about being ready; we never are. The truth is, we are most likely going to take this semester, ... More »

Concerns from ALANA students

Published 1y ago -

Building the Tsotsis Family Academic Center was not the only development here at Assumption College during the long summer months. As students may now be aware, the College faced a budget gap due to lower than expected enrollment numbers. As a result, Assumpti... More »

Harvey Hammers Houston

Published 1y ago -

Friday, August 26 started with clouds beginning to build on the horizon and drifting ever closer to the east coast of Texas. At 11 p.m., Hurricane Harvey made impact centered just north of Corpus Christi as a Category 4 storm. Harvey was the first major hurric... More »

Was the Tsotsis building worth the wait?

Published 1y ago -

Did you notice anything particularly different while strolling around campus this school-year? Yes, even more construction on campus than last semester. Behind all that messy construction, though, lies a beautiful academic building newly opened for the beginni... More »

REBECCA’S REASON: Voices carry

Published 1y ago -

I’m sure that, by now, you’ve probably heard about some sort of cut that is in the works due to Assumption’s financial trouble. Perhaps you heard about a faculty being let go. Or maybe you heard about a department being cut due to lack of student involve... More »

8 Assumption College must-do’s

Published 1y ago -

We are now almost four full weeks into the semester, which is kind of a scary thing to think about. You may be thinking to yourself that you have not had the chance to sufficiently explore Assumption and Worcester because you’ve been buried in work. Well, ne... More »


Game of Thrones: the show on everyone’s mind

Published 1y ago -

By this point, you’d likely struggle to find someone on campus who has never heard about the television show Game of Thrones. Maybe you overheard someone enthusing about it on your way to class. Perhaps it came as a recommendation from a family member, frien... More »

It’s okay to be a face in the crowd

Published 1y ago -

Today as I was searching the web, I came across an article entitled “You’ll Never Be Famous-And That’s O.K.” Mid-scroll, I stopped. I was taken aback, amused by its blunt honesty. Should I be offended? My former two pigtail-wearing self certain... More »