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Hands-only CPR Challenge

Published 10m ago -

Despite how cliché this may sound, it’s true that anyone, regardless of age, background, or education, can honestly make a difference in someone’s life. That difference can aid in matters of life or death, and if everyone had the right tools, knowledge, a... More »

The hounds continue to dominate early on

Published 10m ago -

After winning the Northeast-10 conference and finishing with an 11-2 record, the Assumption College men’s football team spent the summer working hard and training to improve, never settling for the success of last season. The work paid off, as the team has s... More »

6 do’s and don’ts for your first year of college

Published 10m ago -

Well, you made it. Welcome to your first year of college. It’s completely normal to feel a little nervous about the year ahead. You have to make all new friends, juggle a heavy course-load of schoolwork and live away from home for the first time in your life... More »

Time to explore

Published 10m ago -

A fresh start in any new environment can be nerve-wracking, no doubt. But somewhere within those nerves, I’m sure there is excitement too. I know it sounds cheesy, but now is truly the time to embrace your youth and embrace all Assumption and the world has t... More »

Best study spots

Published 10m ago -

College is a whole new world from high school; yet one thing remains the same: quizzes, exams, projects, and many papers. You’re probably not aware of where you can crack open a book and begin focusing in your new vicinity. As a freshman, I too was unaware o... More »

How to be a hound

Published 10m ago -

Welcome to the Pound, new Hounds. As you move in and adjust to life at Assumption, there are a few things you should know about being a good Assumption sports fan. Be Loud and Proud Sports are not for everyone. I get it. Also, not everyone has the personality ... More »

Make friends in intramural sports

Published 10m ago -

Around this time last year, I did one of the hardest things I have ever done: go off to college. Everyone around me seemed so excited for me to go to college, and they all couldn’t stop saying how much fun I was going to have, but I wasn’t convinced. I kne... More »


A note from the library

Published 10m ago -

All of us here at the Emmanuel d’Alzon Library welcome you as part of the Assumption College community. We are here to help you in whatever ways we can. We are excited to tell you about a new program: Personal Librarians. If you are a first-year student, you... More »

Scenario Advice

Published 10m ago -

College is a wonderful and frightening place. Everything is new, the environment is unfamiliar and you’ve likely never been in the sort of social situations that you’re thrown into at college. But everyone is in the same boat, figuring it all out. There ar... More »