Featured student poetry: Lauren Fitzgerald

Published 4 months ago -



Do you ever wonder if the earth was once brisk

When it was quiet, no one near to frisk?

Would this world have been better off then?

With no one stinging it over and over again?

Would the sun rise west instead of east?

Would there be nothing to love and nothing to hurt, at least?

Would the ocean have been the color blue?

Would the sky radiant a different hue?

Would the stars have been seen from all directions?

Would the trees offer better protection?

Do you think the grass would be greener?

Not trampled, but grown until leaner.

Would the mountains move miles?

Would the clouds sail with smiles?

Would the summers last longer?

Would the winters be stronger?

Would the wind cry a sounder tune?

Would the night ever greet the moon?

Would the world have been different without us?

Would it be a great wonder with no fuss?

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