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When most people see me around on campus, I’m always doing something. There was one guy who always used to tease me about the fact that I am everywhere. Every time I greeted him, he would just ask me what group, job or class I was running around for. He was right, I’ll hand it to him. I do not leave my room without purpose. When I’m not in class, you can usually find me doing homework, running errands for my bosses or hanging out in Tinsley.

My busy life even has me wondering what I do for fun. I’m sort of a stickler for the serious, a geezer who does not often traverse the land of the trivial. In the estimation of many who observe me at first glance, I am simply focused on work. Yet before I get to the title this column, I just want to ask if it ever occurs to anyone that people might enjoy their jobs or their school work? I know I do, but apparently that doesn’t count as fun.

So anyways, let me tell you about the kind of things that make me happy:

1. Playing gigs – For me, there is nothing like a good gig. Whether it be with my brothers or with the AC Jazz Ensemble, I always feel better after singing. It’s also a plus when you get to make people smile too.

2. Going to concerts – Yes, I know most people enjoy going to see their favorite musicians in concert. It is a fun time, I will admit. Unfortunately, a good portion of the artists I love to listen to are no longer able to produce music, namely because they are no longer here on this earth (I tried to find a pleasant way to say that most of my favorite artists have died). So I go listen to other people play the music of jazz icons. There are, believe it or not, a lot of New England local big bands, and many performances are free. My favorite time is the summer time because my mum and I just go to concerts on the commons of different parks while a band plays in a gazebo.

3. Getting dressed up – When I go to my gigs or to other concerts, I always try my best to look very vintage. I usually revolve around the 1940s era. Sometimes I even wear my hats. Some of my hats actually belonged to my mum’s aunt, so not only do I get to wear vintage hats, but I also get to wear pieces of family history.

4. Using my record player – Okay, so now we’re venturing deep into my strange world, and at this point you’ve probably tuned out. This is cool though, because I was having a bad week and I was super tired, so I went home. When I walked into my room there was a giant record player with a giant speaker attached to it, with a stack of records to accompany the gift from my mum. Sadly, I can’t lug my record player with me everywhere, because I would if I could do so.

5. Letter writing – I’ve always loved writing little notes to people, but a family friend gave me a set of old fashioned pens that require you to change the ink yourself. Once I figured out how to change out the old ink, I sat down to writing. I am not a pen person, but I’m obsessed with these pens, especially the fountain pen. I want to write letters to everyone using this pen.

I could continue on about how much I love old books and their mustiness when I pull them off the shelf after ages of their presence. I could talk about the particular way the moon always strikes me, or how I like to stargaze. I think my point is well made, though. I’m old fashioned, and I don’t mind it. But also, now you understand why I figure that people think I’m crazy.


Song of the Week: “I’m Old Fashioned” sung by Ella Fitzgerald





Maia Campbell, a senior, studies political science. She is the Campus Life Editor for Le Provocateur.

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