Enjoying the Christmas season on Assumption’s campus

Published 12 months ago -

As a senior, my last three years at Assumption have been, in all honesty, the best years of my life. Assumption offers so many new opportunities, experiences and freedoms for students, it’s impossible not to make new memories.

My favorite memory at Assumption College isn’t particularly a memory, but a time of year. The Christmas season on campus is my absolute favorite way to end the fall semester before returning home.

For me, the Christmas season begins on Thanksgiving Day, and Taylor’s Thanksgiving dinner is always an experience I look forward to. They have all the comforts of home that you could hope to find at a Thanksgiving meal: turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes (my favorite), stuffing (my other favorite), cranberry sauce, multiple kinds of pie (my other, other favorite), hot apple cider, and that’s just scratching the surface. Trust me, it’s not something to miss. Make sure you get to Taylor early though; it gets pretty packed in there. And yes, it’s okay to eat a third slice of pie.

I have always loved the way that Assumption decorates the campus. The Tree Lighting Ceremony on the Hagan Lawn showcases the huge tree all decked out in hundreds of white string lights. Taylor always gets five stars in my book for their Christmas spirit. There are decorations everywhere – including those creepy old-fashioned Santas that everyone hates to love – and Christmas music is constantly playing over the speakers. Just walking in there puts me in the mood to throw on an ugly Christmas sweater and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas with hot cocoa in a holiday mug.

It might be the music major in me, but Christmas-time isn’t complete without Christmas music; for me, that means attending Assumption College’s Christmas concerts. The Chorale always showcases a spectacular performance at their Sounds of the Season Concert in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. The Assumption College Concert Band also performs their Christmas concert in December (shameless plug, I play clarinet for the Concert Band). Both groups perform songs that set the tone for the time of year. Attending these events is also a great way to show support the arts on campus.

In my opinion, the biggest Christmas event on campus is Lessons and Carols in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. As manager of Music Ministry, this is another shameless plug. The service revolves around nine readings, which range from passages from the Bible to works from theologians to poetry and more, and music prepared by Assumption College’s Music Ministry. The group puts a lot of hard work into rehearsing for this service. Lessons and Carols is a way to prepare yourself for the Christmas season spiritually while reflecting on the world around us.

 As December rapidly approaches (believe me, these next few months will fly right by), there will be multiple holiday events to help distract us from the looming final exams lurking ahead. Look forward to making some holiday memories with your friends. For my final Christmas-time at Assumption, I know I will.





Rebecca Galib, a senior, studies English and music. She is the Assistant Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor for  Le Provocateur.

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