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I reluctantly open my computer and glance at the date – June 3, 2017.Damn. I had come home from college for the summer in mid-May. So that’s almost a month without a job. I try to be optimistic, but it’s not easy. My friends go out to eat and get drinks a lot, leaving me to nervously laugh and either make up an excuse, or straight-up tell them my funds are low. I refuse to take money from my parents.

So, I search for money, and more specifically a job, on the internet. I look for anything. Waiter. Cashier. Stuff like that. I haven’t been having much success. Today is no different. Nothin.

June 4th. “Hey mom, I was looking on the computer and a bunch of sports journalism internships came up. I was thinking of applying to one of them,” I said, throwing the spontaneous idea out there. My mom surveyed the internships on the computer with a furrowed brow. “Would Assumption give you credits for any of the internships?” my mom asked, looking from the computer to me. “Uhhh, I think most of them said yes, they would.” I reply, sounding slightly unsure of myself.

As I look from internship to internship, they all say that they will count for school credit. I start to get excited. But then my gut, the little voice in the back of my head, makes itself heard. What if for some reason Assumption won’t accept this internship? So, just like that, I give up on these internships.

But I didn’t give up altogether. I decide to look on the Assumption CDIC website, or the Career Development and Internship Center, to see if there are any internships that would interest me. I had checked a couple days previously to no avail.

I click on my profile and scroll down to a tab that sorts the internships according to your major and interests. No. No. No. After about three more, I am about to give up. Suddenly, one catches my eye.

It says: Isportsweb, apply by June 9th. We are searching for passionate and knowledgeable sports minds who desire to write about the one team they truly love. No way. This is exactly what I had been looking for. Not only do I get credit, but I get to choose my favorite team as the team I would cover? Where do I sign up?

Of course, I don’t have it yet. A number of things must happen before I get it.

I look at my parents. “I think I should do this. I’m going to be really busy this year and I definitely won’t have time to write articles during the school year.” They are sold.

Over the next couple of days, I send a flurry of emails to English Professor Becky DiBiasio. She helps me register for the course. Then, she helps me pay for the course. It’s a stressful process, but only because many Assumption students are registering for classes in the summer, as Professor DiBiasio explains.

Suddenly, it’s time to make first contact with isportsweb and I am very nervous. Typing noises, pauses and “Dad, do you think this is the right way to say this’” are the only audible noises as I sit on the couch with my computer. I tell them I’ve always loved sports. I tell them my favorite teams, ultimately who I want to cover.

 Several hours later, I open my inbox and there is a new message from a Joe at isportsweb. Joe said “Thanks for your inquiry. We’d love to consider you for a spot on our team. What are your top 5 teams in terms of passion, knowledge and the ability to write confidently about? How often can you commit to providing new content to the site each week? Do you have any sports writing samples to send along. Also, we need to see your resume.”


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