Latino Festival reflects passion of ALANA

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On Thursday, October 5, Assumption’s ALANA Network hosted their eleventh annual Latino Festival. This year, the event took place in the brand new Tsotsis Ballroom and was the first campus event to take place in the hall.

The event featured great music by the band Grupo Fantasia, incredible food from local businesses including Maria’s Kitchen and lots of dancing, fun, learning and more. Each table was also complete with biographies about famous members of the Latino community for event attendees to read throughout the night. The event started off with a game of musical chairs to get everyone moving and in the mood for an incredible evening.

The festival was hosted by Ambar K. Rosas and Kristie Caminero. Caminero performed the song “Preciosa” by Marc Anthony as a tribute to Puerto Rico. Ambar, President of the Latin Dance Club, performed many different types of dance with the club during the festival.

Abby Godon, Vice President of the ALANA Network was in charge of running the event. She expressed, “this year was a very interesting year to plan for our Latino Festival. With all of the changes at the college it definitely set us up with new questions and experiences. A lot of clubs on campus were eager to help us out, and as always, Bea and Conway did an amazing job supporting us.”

Gee Dorvil, the ALANA Network secretary, co-chaired the event. When asked to comment on his experience he said, “my personal goal for the event was to have one night for Assumption Students to be exposed to a culture different than their own. That is one of the reasons why ALANA is so important, not just for the wonderful food but to give students a chance to share their culture with other students and show them how amazing having diversity in a community can be.”

Sang Le, the ALANA Ambassador, claimed, “This [year’s event] was the biggest we’ve ever seen. It was an honor being the first ones to hold an event in the new ballroom and I would have to say that we opened it up pretty well.” The event had members from the student body, administration, faculty, and staff president not only to support the ALANA Network, but to enjoy a great event.

In addition to the fantastic food and entertainment, ALANA had also set up a Powerpoint slide show featuring Latino students around campus, where they are from and what they love about their culture. It was a great way to showcase the diversity of campus and helped students share why they love their culture.

The ALANA Network also organized a donations drive for those affected by the natural disaster in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria. Event attendees brought canned goods, water, diapers, batteries, flashlights and more to send down to Puerto Rico. Colleen Barry explained, “We brought the donations to Harr Toyota in Worcester, the first of many groups that brought donations to the dealership which will be sent out to the island within the next couple of weeks. In addition, we also raised over $50 just during the Latino Festival.”

Overall, this event was an incredible success and perfectly reflected the hard work and passion of the ALANA Network team and the campus community.



Kara O’Connell, a senior, studies English. She is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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