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 Students gathered excitedly on the second floor of Hagan on Saturday, October 24. Many of them on the waiting list and hoping someone wouldn’t show up so they could take their spot. The Campus Activities Board (CAB)-run Paint Night looked to be a huge success already. There was a line stretching almost all the way across the room for the candy table, while the palettes, brushes and canvases sat waiting.

The step-by-step painting of a tree with fall leaves was led by Susan Dunshee from “Just Paint” in Worcester, and her husband, who somehow thought it was a good idea to let the room know that they were huge Yankees fans. Most students seemed not to hold it against them, however, as the painting began.

Susan told the students that she was only making suggestions and that they could really do whatever they wanted, but if they wanted they could follow her steps. Most students followed her but added their own variations: making it nighttime, adding clouds or another tree, throwing a ghost or a gravestone in there to get into the holiday spirit. Caitlin Pierson, a senior, decided to forgo the sun and have the tree take up most of the space, painting it from the perspective of someone lying underneath.

Susan gradually gave less and less instruction until the students were each doing their own thing, painting whatever they felt like. Sarah Clancy, another senior, expressed her enjoyment, saying, “It was nice to being able to be in a creative space where we had a choice of following [Susan] or doing our own thing. [Susan and her husband] were really nice and didn’t seem to mind when people took things in a different direction.”

The event was a major success and students went home with a new decoration they could be proud of and some delicious candy. Kayli Berardinelli, a sophomore CAB member who worked the event, said, “Paint Night was a success. We had a great turnout, and it was fun to see everyone’s final creations.”




Julia Stevens, a senior, studies English and secondary education. She is a copy editor for Le Provocateur.

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