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I don’t think most people realize it, but student representatives actually sit on many committees across the college in order to assist with decision making when changes are taking place. This is not to say we can have input in all decisions, but we do in many.

One example is the Policy and Procedures Review Committee, which assists in implementing new rules and regulations across the college, or adjusting current ones. This committee primarily deals with the point system and student handbook, and it is half student representatives and half staff and administration. If students want to change a policy, it can be brought up at these meetings for discussion. If a new policy is put in place, this committee will discuss it and make a recommendation as to if it is an effective rule and if it should be put into place. Items this committee discussed last year and this semester include policies surrounding pets in residence halls, parking on campus, pup cup policies, and the internal guest pass.

A committee that I sit on is the Building Advisory Committee. In these meetings, we discuss what are known as “capital improvements” to be made at the college. This is basically updates that are happening to the buildings and grounds around the college every summer. Past updates have included study rooms in the library, sidewalk improvements, kitchen renovations in Wachusett, and much more. On this committee I am able to give suggestions on what students would want to see improved around campus, and myself and another representative from SGA are allowed to vote on which updates should be made. I am looking forward to voicing student concerns on this committee throughout the year in order to bring new updates to campus that students want to see.

Student Government Association also has student representatives sit on the technology advisory committee, where decisions are made regarding updates to IT services on campus. This committee can also target what may be wrong with IT services on campus and work to fix it. Recently, this committee has addressed redesigning the help desk so that it can be more user friendly and more quickly address student issues with technology around campus.

These are just three examples of the many meetings where students have a voice. If you want to learn more, send an email to or stop by our office in Charlie’s. In order for us to voice the student opinion as best as possible in these meetings, we have to hear from you. As always, I also encourage you to follow on social media @ac_sga on Twitter and Instagram.



Ian Burns, a senior, studies biology. He is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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