Riverdale season two heightens the drama and darkness

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KJ Apa leads as Archie Andrews in the hit series Riverdale

On October 11, 2017, CW’s latest hit television series, Riverdale, premiered its highly anticipated second season. Loosely based on Archie’s Betty and Veronica Comic series, the show stays true to the original cast, however, that’s where the similarities end. Unlike the well-known comics, where the focus is on sports, school and romance; grades are the least of the problems for the kids of Riverdale High. In the comics’ universe, Betty and Veronica’s biggest problem is winning over the affection of the most popular boy in school, Archie Andrews. But don’t be fooled by the comic’s petty squabbles; Riverdale is dark and mysterious, with sinister twists and turns in every episode of the first season. It’s safe to say that Riverdale is murderously intriguing and season two starts off no different. Best put by Jughead, son of a notorious South Side Serpent, it’s a “haunted town.”

Season two starts where the finale of the first season left off, with Archie attempting to outrace death by transporting his injured father, Fred Andrews, without a driver’s license—who was shot by a

masked man—to the local hospital. It will be a legitimate miracle if Archie ever gets his driver’s license after watching his ridiculously awful driving skills in action.

Luckily, Archie is able to get Fred to the nearest hospital, where he is immediately rushed into surgery. This is where viewers are able to get a glimpse into the inner workings of his mind, where he is seen taking a picture of his son and friends in graduation caps and gowns. But, they tell Fred he didn’t live to see graduation day. Pretty heartbreaking to watch considering how innocent of a guy Archie’s dad is. At this point, two questions popped into my head; Will Fred live or die? And who could possibly have a grudge against a good guy like him? Realizing that he’s all alone, Archie calls Betty to tell her what happened, who then calls Veronica and Jughead. Jughead immediately hops on his currently incarcerated father’s motorcycle, somehow managing to navigate the icy roads perfectly.

Once they all arrive at the hospital, they give Archie and his bloodied arm cast a big, group hug. Despite being in a hospital, his cast never gets replaced. I guess the show creators didn’t think anyone would notice Archie’s cast will forever be marred by his dad’s blood. After calling his mom, oddly enough the last person Archie thinks to call to inform her about Fred, he sits down with Sheriff Keller to tell him all that he remembers about the shooter. Keller’s professional opinion is that the guy “was probably out of his head on meth or the jingle jangle.” Apparently, meth is big problem in the small town of Riverdale and unfortunately for viewers, Keller never clarifies what a jingle jangle is.

By the middle of the episode, Fred is out of surgery and has another flashback. He’s got a suitcase packed, but he doesn’t want to leave his son. Thanks to modern medicine, it appears that he is going to make it. Archie’s girlfriend, Veronica convinces him that going home and showering is in his best interest as he won’t be able to see his dad for at least another hour. According to Veronica, Archie looks like he’s “auditioning for a teen reboot of The Shining.” It really isn’t his best look.

Meanwhile, Cheryl arrives at the hospital with her mother who ends up severely burned by a house fire Cheryl herself caused. However, Cheryl’s story is that a candle was knocked over by a breeze while she was sleeping and her mother rushed in to save her. Sounds pretty suspicious if you ask me, however, viewers know the real story and Cheryl unsurprisingly blackmails her mother into keeping her mouth shut. And now that Veronica’s own father is back from prison, her mother wholeheartedly welcoming him back into their lives, that mother daughter relationship becomes more strained than ever. Sheesh, talk about mother-daughter conflict.

Before Fred wakes up, Archie walks into his hospital room and sees Cheryl standing over him, giving his father a kiss on the head. She claims that since Archie gave her the kiss of life at Sweetwater River, she’s now giving it to Fred. It all sounds pretty creepy if you ask me. But, as Cheryl predicts, Fred wakes up. Archie tells him he will protect him from now on and intends to keep that promise by never sleeping. In the next scene, he is shown sitting near his home’s front door with a baseball bat in hand.

Overall, there are plenty of theories about who is behind Fred’s attempted murder as well as the bloody death of Ms. Grundy. The vibe in season two of Riverdale is definitely darker as the creators set the show up for a “whodunit” scenario. Certain lines and events seem a bit ridiculous, but that’s what makes this show so entertaining. I wouldn’t be surprised if the affectionately nicknamed “angel of death” shooter’s identity isn’t revealed until the last episode of this season. Guess we’ll all have to wait and find out.

Brianna DiPanni, a senior, studies English. She is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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