“Be a Greenhound week” a success

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In early November, the Greenhounds Club welcomed students and faculty to a variety of events and activities. Through its appropriately named “Be a Greenhound Week,” the club hoped to promote sustainable efforts on and off campus. The week officially began on November 7 with the college’s first ever farmers market. The event was held in the lobby of Laska Gymnasium, where decorative tables were lined with local foods from throughout the Worcester area. Students, staff, and visitors were encouraged to fill bags, and even boxes, with fresh produce from Dick’s Market Gardens, granola from Giacomo’s Gourmet Granola, bread from BirchTree Bread Company, and “Hound Ground” coffee from Dean’s Beans. The event was a popular destination and helped bridge a gap by connecting the Assumption community with the dedicated people who grow and produce their food.

Two days after the market, the club’s outreach continued with programs sponsored by RAs in Des and Alumni halls. The programs featured interactive activities that drew attention to three environmental topics the Greenhounds hoped to address. At one station, students learned about their “water footprint,” or the amount of water used to produce their food, clothes and more. A second station focused on waste management by educating individuals on which everyday items, such as pizza boxes, coffee cups and plastic bags, could be recycled or thrown away. The final station, which was inspired by Harvard University’s “Cold Turkey” initiative, highlighted the importance of conserving energy during Thanksgiving break by unplugging appliances and turning off lights. By visiting each table and participating in these activities, students could learn more about their impact on the environment and identify ways they could reduce wasteful habits.

Closing out the week was “Open Mic, Open Air,” the club’s reoccurring late night in Charlie’s. Much like the events before it, the open mic night was centered around engaging the community and providing a platform for students to express themselves. Everyone was encouraged to participate at the event, which included poetry readings, musical performances, and singing. Going along with the club’s commitment to sustainability, fair trade coffee, tea and baked goods were provided at the event and raffles prizes were inspired by the outdoors and other earth-friendly initiatives.

Overall, “Be a Greenhound Week” helped provide an inclusive, educational environment for students and faculty at Assumption. Whether people shopped at the market, participated in the RA program or performed at the open mic night, everyone was part of an effort to encourage more community and sustainability on campus. Much of this week would have not been possible without the support of the college and organizations such as Social Justice Ambassadors, Student Government Association, Residential Life and Student Affairs, so collaboration was an essential part of this multi-day process. For everyone who experienced one or more of these events, thank you for your help and encouragement.


Jacqueline Ryan, a junior, studies environmental science. She is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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