CAB takes on NACA in Hartford, Connecticut

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From November 2-4, six members of the Campus Activities Board traveled to Hartford, Conn. to attend NACA Northeast 2017. NACA stands for National Conference for Campus Activities. The students were able to learn more about different campus activities board from many schools in the Northeast. They were able to see what events other campuses put on, how they advertise for events, what events were most successful for other schools and the prizes and giveaways they give to students. They attended educational sessions and a school swap where they could interact with other schools. In the educational sessions, ideas were shared on how campus activities were run, the structure, reward system and retention plans for each campus activities program. At school swap, executives were able to see what giveaways other schools gave to students and were able to trade these gifts for some of Assumption’s own giveaways. New giveaways that were obtained ranged from fidget spinners to coffee mugs to car scrapers. This was a beneficial experience to highlight to CAB executives what they can incorporate or giveaway at Assumption.

In the educational sessions, CAB members also learned new skills and traits on how to create strong leaders and will incorporate these into their role as leaders at Assumption College. These sessions included time management skills, learning how to create a geotag and advertising more effectively, learning about diversity and how to incorporate all students into programs and events, and how other campuses run events. This opened the CAB members’ eyes because they were able to learn new skills that will help them in CAB and in their future.

The executives also attended showcases in which they were able to see all of the acts perform. These acts ranged from musicians and singers to magicians to comedians to poets. This portion of the conference was neat because the CAB executives were able to watch and listen to performers and then later on book them if they liked them. All of the acts were amazing and it was a fun experience to be able to watch all of these performances.

Lastly, CAB executives were able to interact with the companies that create giveaways, vendors, and the musicians and performers themselves at CAMP (Campus Activities Marketplace). They created stuffed animals, received airbrush tattoos, drank smoothies, watched pancakes of their face be made, and learned about the performers and what companies offer. This was helpful when executives go to book events in the future. They can ask the performers questions or they can try out certain games and activities to see if they would be good for an Assumption event. This was fun and informative and the students gained many flyers and packets from this portion of the conference.

The executives came home tired and with a winning booth for having the best display of the theme of the conference, “Create the Moment.” There was a lot of information gathered in these three days, but the executives had a blast doing so. It was an experience of a lifetime.


Marissa Gifford, a senior, studies chemistry and biology. She is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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