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My name is Rachel Dean, and I am a new Campus Minister serving with Athletes Ministry and as the Minister in Residence for the Alumni and Des Residence Halls.  Because college is a pivotal time, I love working with students as they make decisions and as they evolve into who they are. It was during my first year of college that I experienced a reawakening of my faith, which changed my life.  At the end of my swim season, my first year, I realized that I was placing my identity in the affirmation I was receiving from my coaches and teammates. I needed to figure out who God was and if it was worth it to follow Him. Throughout the year, a Christian sophomore in my residence hall had been looking out for me. I went to talk to her and asked her to explain to me what it really meant to have a relationship with God.  She explained the immense love God has for me, a revelation that changed my life.

During my sophomore year of college, I started a Bible study with my swim team because I wanted my teammates to have the same chance to explore who Jesus is. It was an incredible experience for my teammates, who all came from different spiritual backgrounds, to encounter Jesus in a safe space. Although we trusted each other as teammates, this took our friendship to a new level as we were talking about what we believed, what we placed our hope in, and if God really had anything to do with it. Leading the Swim Team Bible Study within our InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter gave me a desire to work for the organization after college.

InterVarsity seeks to give all college students not only the opportunity to explore who Jesus is and what that means for their lives, but also the chance to be empowered by God and sent out as leaders into the world.

After college I came on staff with InterVarsity and worked at my alma mater, Smith College, and also at nearby Mount Holyoke College. For four years, I loved the opportunity to meet students where they were in their spiritual journey and help students grow in their faith. A year ago, as I was discerning my next steps with InterVarsity, I was given the opportunity to consider moving to Worcester to start new InterVarsity chapters in Central Massachusetts.  In addition, I interviewed at Assumption to work with athletes and to be a minister in residence. This summer I moved into Alumni Hall, where I have enjoyed memorable moments: baking cookies with residents, having students over for dinner, movie nights, and some quality late night talks.

Through Campus Ministry and InterVarsity, we have weekly events including a Bible Study on Monday nights and an Athletes Bible Study on Tuesday nights. I also really enjoy ServeUp, our InterVarsity spring break SEND trip. This year we are serving with disaster relief  in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after the flooding in August of  2016. If you’d like to learn more about Bible studies or to join the ServeUp team I would love to talk to you. Please e-mail me at Thank you for welcoming me to Assumption.


Rachel Dean works in Campus Ministry at Assumption College. She is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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