Stranger Things 2 opens the gate for an incredible season

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After one year, three months and 11 days, Stranger Things 2 has finally been given to us by our lords and saviors the Duffer Brothers. Honestly, if you haven’t seen the first season of Stranger Things, what are you even doing with your life? I’m not recapping season one because, let’s face it: you know what happened. You’ve known what happened for a long time and have waited forever to learn what happens next.

But, with great anticipation comes great responsibility. Does Stranger Things 2 live up to its hype? To put it simply: yes.

In this season, everyone is still somewhat dealing with the events of season one. Will Beyers isn’t trapped in the Upside Down, but is instead seemingly being tormented by it. He continually has visions of being in the Upside Down and the creatures within it that threaten life in Hawkins. Joyce Beyers is, as the amazing mother she is, doing what she can to help her son.

Meanwhile, Nancy is struggling with losing Barb and the fact that her parents don’t exactly know what happened to their daughter. It’s something that is hurting her, but isn’t exactly doing the same for her boyfriend, Steve Harrington. Yes, the love triangle between the couple and Jonathan continues throughout this season and I will stand by my statement that Stranger Things is one of the few shows to do a love triangle correctly.

One of the most heartbreaking things about season two is the fact that Mike is still waiting for Eleven, who at this point has been gone for almost a year, trying to connect with her everyday through his walkie talkie. It’s seriously depressing witnessing Mike attempting to live his life without Eleven by his side, as the two are the purest things in existence.

So, the story follows the same characters that we’ve come to know and love, but there are also some new faces that viewers will either love or hate or both. The most important of which is a girl named Max, who proceeds to join our group of young heroes and unknowingly causes a rift between Dustin and Lucas, who both develop a crush on her. But, she’s more than just a ripple in the main friend group. Max actually contributes a great deal to the main storyline and proves to be a tough character, worthy of a spot within our beloved, middle school squad.

Another new character is Billy, Max’s stepbrother, who is the human villain of the season. He most importantly poses a threat to both Steve and Max, and walks around shirtless a lot. He doesn’t really do much besides be sadistically mean and looking pretty while doing it. Sorry Billy, but there’s only room for one lovable jerk and his name is Steve Harrington (who is absolutely amazing in this season).

Lastly, there’s Bob, Joyce’s new love interest. Oh, Bob, they just needed to throw in someone to pull apart Joyce and Hopper, didn’t they? But at a first glance, Bob, who is played by Sean Astin (aka Sam from The Lord of the Rings), comes off as annoying and you really just want him to leave so Joyce and Hopper can happily be in love. But, he does hold his own throughout the season and is all right in my book as long as he gets away from Joyce.

 I could go on (and on and on), but you really need to just watch it for yourself. This season is full of amazing moments that fans of Stranger Things have been waiting for, and other twists that throw them for a loop. Just sit down, grab some popcorn and watch all nine episodes in one sitting.

Caroline Critelli, a senior, studies English and sociology. She is the Editor-in-Chief of  Le Provocateur.

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