Assumption sophomore Renee Leavitt in local country radio spotlight

Published 8 months ago -

Local sophomore Renee Leavitt has recently been featured on the radio station 92.5 The River as a member of the “Home Grown Talent of the Week” segment conducted by DJ Crosby. There she sang her original bluegrass song “Where Were You.” This is not the first time that Leavitt has been featured on The River. As a junior in high school she entered a song writing contest called Music Matters. There she performed her original song “The Boy Next Door,” a country rock song. But in recent radio news, Leavitt has been named as a Catch of the Week by Carolyn “Kruser” Kruse on WKLB Country 102.5. For this honor and recognition, Leavitt recorded with the station over winter break. There she sang and recorded two of her original songs, “The Boy Next Door” and “Where Were You.” She was accompanied by her guitarist Joe Griffith from the band Eleventh Hour. The recording videos from the studio were up on WKLB’s website on Wednesday January 24, 2018, and she was interviewed on air by Carolyn Kruse on Thursday January 25, 2018. Leavitt says that she “wants to continue writing music and singing on the side as she pursues a law degree, but if [she makes] it big and [her] music career takes off, she’d still be happy.” As Renee says, “her music and music in her life makes her ‘Renee Leavitt,’ it makes her who she is.” Also, that “life has its trials and tribulations, but she can always rely on her music to fall back on.”


Jack Blatchford, a junior, studies political science. He is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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