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President of the African Dance Club, Amara Ugwumba, is making a routine to her clubs next dance as I sit at her kitchen table. The two of us, along with Secretary Tiffany Chin, have just come back from Plourde and are making dinner. During this time I took the liberty to ask both club executives about the upcoming developments of their new club.

The African Dance Club is hardly a year old on Assumption’s campus. Last year Ugwumba, a current junior, wanted to find a way to spread her African heritage throughout campus. On asking the president about what inspired her to found her club, she looked back at her initial dreams at the start of her freshman career.

Ughwumba is a biology major with a dream of becoming a doctor. At the same time she is embedded with her studies, Amara also loves dancing. Therefore she formulated a way for her to express her love of dance while also expressing her desire to spread her culture. Now she has founded a club with nearly twenty members and competes at community events off campus as well as participates at Assumption’s Step and Dance Competition at the end of the school year.

Ughwumba and Vice President of the club, Jordan Edouard, feel that diversity is needed on Assumption’s campus and more people should be educated on the world’s diversity through a number of means.

First off, the African Dance Team likes to show diversity through its team. Members come from a wide array of cultural backgrounds.

Second, the team wishes to display diversity through cultural cuisine by showcasing each of the member’s roots even more with their favorite home dishes.

Third, the team strives to show the diversity of art. Not just with dance but also with the visual arts.

The culmination of African Dance’s aim to spread diversity is about to come full circle with their first late night event in Charlie’s on March 23. Chin and club Treasurer, Jen Mata, informed me that the event will encompass all of the past and current endeavors of the team. This includes a list of potential set lists including a raffle, trivia, a “rep your flag” challenge, battle of the sexes competition and the opportunity to learn some moves from club members. The team is very excited to further define their upcoming event and educate people on the diversity of culture at Assumption College. The team hopes that students will make their first late night event a success and invites all students to join.

If you are interested in joining African Dance Club or learning more, the team holds practices Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. in Plourde’s aerobics room. Stop by and learn how you can also help spread the message of diversity on campus.


David Cifarelli, a junior, studies English and Italian studies. He is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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