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In the past couple of years, mental health has become more of a concern and treatment options are now easily accessible on college campuses. At Assumption we have the Wellness Center. A recent location change has connected the Wellness Center with Health Services. This is a change that the director of counseling services, Marta Carlson had asked many students their opinions on and she has received nothing but positive feedback.

The new location in “The Valley” has made the health center easier to access to Assumption student and makes it handicap accessible. Marta Carlson also pointed out that they want to convey the philosophy that they “want to send out the message that your mental health is just as important as your physical health, we are little by little removing the stigma.”

In the coming generations, the stigma is dying out, but it is great to know that Assumption is making an effort to help break this stigma.

I sat down with Marta Carlson to ask about one of the newer programs being offered through Assumptions Health and Wellness since September. The program is a student assistance program that offers a twenty-four-seven phone consultation with a licensed counselor. The counselors can help an undergrad of Assumption to deal with problem even outside of the Health and Wellness office hours. The counselors are even able to refer a student to a registered counselor in their area that can help them further.

The first three sessions are free and any others can go through insurance. This program is just offered to undergrads and employees and it is offered by an outside agency. This means that any information a student gives to a counselor is on private record and does not connect back to the college. There is also a website, given on the portal that links students to helpful articles related to wellness, finances and legal questions. The program is only offered to undergrads of Assumption.

The idea for this program was brought about by a similar program already offer to employees. This program is often used by businesses to allow employees help far before their mental health can become a problem in the work place. The college was already paying this outside agency called Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH), to benefit employees of Assumption. The college human resources department made the decision to offer this program to the students as well as an added benefit outside the office hours of the Health and Wellness Center. The college pays this company an extra fee to give more help to students off campus and twenty-four seven in hopes of providing more support for Assumption undergrads.

If you would like to learn more about this program or if you are interested in utilizing it there is info on the Assumption portal and thanks to Chief of Police Carl, campus police and Res Life have info cards to give out to any student interested.

If you try this program or already participate in the program I encourage you to give your feedback to Marta Carlson through her e-mail, The college receives no information besides a general number of users so any feedback is a great way to support or perfect this program for the benefit of all undergrads at Assumption.


Faith Monroe, a sophomore, studies human services. She is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.



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