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We appreciate and depend upon our student workers. They assist our patrons at the front desk as well as help us with some tasks “behind the scenes.” They even open and close the library when we can’t be here, especially during snow storms. They know their way around the library, so we asked them what other students should know about the library.

Many of the students noted that the library is a good place to study, no matter whether you prefer to talk or to study quietly. Bianca (2019, Human Services) commented that, “You can talk or you can find a place to study in complete silence on the upper floors.” Catherine (2020, Accounting) emphasized, “If you don’t want to be disturbed, then don’t study on the first floor.” We would add that the second floor also has some nice study spaces, including lounge area in the back.

Rafael (2018, Biology) spoke specifically about our group study rooms and how students can reserve a room from the link on the Library’s homepage. He said, “I suggest booking ahead of when you want to use it.” This is especially true during mid-terms and exams. You may book it up to two weeks ahead of time. Ema (2019, Economics) added that the large study room on the first floor provides “at least one more room on campus with a television.” And we don’t mind if you watch the Super Bowl there.

Other students spoke about the physical and electronic resources available through the Library. Juan (2020, International Business) appreciates our books and computers. He notes that “Resources from the library website have been useful for completing course assignments. I use the research guides on the Library’s website to complete assignments for my business studies classes.” Rafael agreed that the research guides provide “access to a multitude of databases that are great to find articles/sources for research projects.” Emily (2019, Biology) and Tamra (2018, Biology) both thought students should know that although the Library doesn’t usually have textbooks, students should “check the Library for other assigned books, especially in theology, philosophy, and English.” While it’s true that we don’t usually have textbooks in our collection, some professors do put them on reserve, so be sure to ask at the front desk. Tamra also reminds students that they can borrow phone chargers and laptops at the front desk. Damian (2019, Political Science/History) shared his experience with the laptops: “You can’t take the laptops out of the building. As a freshman, I was told that you could borrow a laptop from the library, and was stopped walking out of the library with one. Now I work here and stop freshmen from leaving the building with the laptops.”

Of course the library isn’t just a place, it is also the people who are here to help students. The front desk staff knows that first-hand. Kennedy (2021, Biology) says students shouldn’t “be afraid to ask questions even if you think others have already asked those questions.” Chris (2018, Marketing) has found that, “the staff is always there to help students… Between the Academic Support staff and the reference staff, there is always someone available to help you.” Tamra agrees that, “Research librarians are here to help you.”

Aline (2018, Accounting) sums it up by saying, “The Library is the place you want to be…Students should come to the library… because of the environment… Many people just like you are overwhelmed with their work load, but you get a feeling that you are not in this alone.”

We look forward to seeing you in the Library this semester.

Nancy O’Sullivan works in the Emmanuel d’Alzon Library at Assumption College. She is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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