Throwback TV: Boy Meets World decades later

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Welcome back, Hounds. I hope everyone had a great winter break. I spent mine like anyone without a job to go to, binge-watching old TV shows. My sister and I got really, absurdly into Boy Meets World and we really, really need to talk about it.

First things first, Corey Matthews is The Worst™. Yes, he’s funny in an annoyingly-adorable kind of way, but he is so inconsiderate and self-absorbed that by like the fourth season it’s not fun to watch any scenes with him anymore. He is horrible to his parents, disrespecting them at every turn, and while it’s mostly played for comedy, so much of it is so far from funny. If I ever talked to my parents like he does, I would’ve been grounded for two months. It’s true, it happened once. Corey and Topanga’s relationship might be genuine and happy for the most part, but it is also full of so many red flags. I always used to be mad that Topanga would break up with him every two seasons, but watching it now makes me realize she was completely in the right. The biggest thing for me is when Corey let her give up Yale for him. YALE. Just – honey no. And then, AND THEN, seasons later, he yells at her for resenting him because of the decision. He. Is. The Worst.

But pretty much everything else about the show is so amazing. I was slightly doubting my chosen career path and Mr. Feeny reminded me exactly why I decided to be a teacher. He cares about his students, he loves what he teaches, and he scares the living crap out of Corey when reciting the ghost scene from Hamlet. While he has an unrealistic relationship with most of the main characters, you can still see that he cares deeply about all his students and that he truly wants them to learn and succeed. I just love him.

And then there’s Eric. Beautiful, sweet, dumb Eric. His story lines may have gotten a little bizarre at times, but they always brought it back to him being a good person and realizing his mistakes. And his stories got super deep at times. Like when he didn’t get into college, or when he decided to give the SATs another shot, or the whole thing with little Tommy. I cried my eyes out at that. Plus, he gave us the “Feeny Call,” which is one of the best parts of the entire show.

Shawn Hunter is another beautiful character with so much growth and development over the course of the series that if you watch the first few episodes after the last few, you wouldn’t believe it was the same kid. It’s some really wonderful writing. You tend to wonder why he sticks around Corey, but then realize it’s probably because the rest of the Matthews family is amazing.

That brings me to my favorite part of the show, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews. I love them. Their relationship is so adorable and I think it’s interesting how the showrunners wrote it so that the adults have just as much to learn from the kids as the kids do from them. And from Feeny, of course. Everyone learns from Feeny. But they’re always looking out for not only their kids, but for Shawn and Topanga as well, and it’s clear throughout the whole show that they would do anything for their son’s friends because they know Corey loves them, and therefore, they love them. They’re just great.

This show gives me a lot of feelings. On one hand, it’s a genuinely funny and heartwarming/breaking journey of a kid growing up and learning all the lessons life has to offer. On the other hand, the main character is so whiny and abhorrent that a lot of the time I skip through his scenes. Either way, I love this show, and if you’re looking for something to binge that will make you laugh and cry, the entire series is on Hulu.


Julia Stevens, a senior, studies English and secondary education. She is a copy editor for Le Provocateur.

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