Tim’s Take: For The Love of The Game

Published 8 months ago -

Many people know it. I love sports. But what a lot of people probably don’t know, is why I love sports.

I’m often asked, “which sport is your favorite?” and I bet my answer changes every time, as I juggle between the three major sports of baseball, basketball and football.

Here’s the thing.

I love them all. I can’t narrow it down to one sport because I will watch any sport. No, seriously. My mom walked downstairs one time to do laundry and saw me watching Olympic curling. Are we sure that’s even a sport? Do we even know the rules? Nobody knows.

No, my love for sports goes beyond sports. I love games. I always have. I always will. I love playing them just as much as I love watching them. I think I’m the only person on earth who could have the same amount of fun watching people play board games and play them myself.

Games have always been a big thing in my family. I remember going to my Nanny and Pop Pop’s house almost every weekend as a kid to hang out and eat dinner. And you just knew that a game was being brought out at some point. From Rummikub to Parcheesi to Kings in the Corner to Scrabble. We played them all. By the way, if you can beat my Pop Pop at Scrabble, mark down the date and save it in your calendar because it will probably never happen again.

I love the competition that goes into games. I love the strategy. There’s a shop called Lighten Up in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, my family’s vacation spot. They sell all sorts of games, games you’ve heard of, games you never even knew existed and games that you could enjoy when you’re 5 years old and then again when you’re 55. It’s a great place.

There’s a game I bought from Lighten Up called Quoridor. It’s a strategy game where you have a pawn and the opponent has a pawn. It’s played on a square board, almost like a checkers board and the idea is the same. You can only move one space at a time and you win once you make it to the other side.

Here’s the catch. Each player has ten walls that they can use at any time. You can literally use these walls to block your opponent and make them go all the way around the board. You can also make walls for yourself, to prevent your opponent from blocking you in certain places.

Every move you make in Quoridor is a calculated one. Strategy is important. No two games go the same or end up the same. Just like sports.

The next time someone asks me my favorite sport, maybe I’ll say all of them. Or maybe, instead, I’ll tell them why I love sports.

 I’ll tell them that every time I turn on a sports game, I am enthralled. I’ll tell them that I am the little kid going to my Nanny and Pop Pop’s to hang out, eat food, and yes, play games.


Tim Capurso, a senior, studies English. He is the Sport’s editor of Le Provocateur.

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