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Finding home away from home

Published 8m ago -

Living on your college campus is weird. Last semester, I had to fill out a form that asked for my home address and had a mini crisis when I realized that I spend more time at school than I do at home. Maybe it’s because I’m only a freshman, or maybe it’s... More »

Maia’s Musings: Characterized by Curiousity

Published 8m ago -

You know how most people have a dream job, practical and monetary motivations aside? I have spent my whole life trying to figure out what that dream job is for me, because most ideas the float around in my head do not have much permanence or resonance. There h... More »

Behind the aura

Published 8m ago -

Will there ever be another e e cummings? If so, may I be his successor? I am so tired. Of many things. There are so many times—every time?—that I sit down to write and what flows from my brain to my fingertips—for whatever postmodern affliction I possess... More »


The sensational ascendancy of Cardi B

Published 8m ago -

 She is the rapper making headlines through every news outlet in the entertainment world. She has garnered a number of strong accolades within her past year in the music industry; and granted, she has yet to release her debut album. With the strong delivery o... More »

Throwback TV: Boy Meets World decades later

Published 8m ago -

Welcome back, Hounds. I hope everyone had a great winter break. I spent mine like anyone without a job to go to, binge-watching old TV shows. My sister and I got really, absurdly into Boy Meets World and we really, really need to talk about it. First things ... More »