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When you walk through the front door of the library, student workers are the people who greet you at the Front Desk. Student workers are our ambassadors, our trouble-shooters, and the ones who will help you find a book and check it out. They will refer you to a librarian if you have a research question they cannot answer.

They have myriad other responsibilities, including staffing the library during late evening hours when regular staff members have gone home. When bad weather closes the College, our student-worker snow team is called into action and this group is able to open the library and staff it for student use.

Student workers also work behind the scenes, helping with InterLibrary Loan and shelving journals and books. Their performance in these cases is a consistent source of pride for staff.

Every year we ask the students to reflect on their work at the library, so we would like to share some of their com- ments with you: Kurt, Marina, Rafael, Aline and Dominique all mentioned that working in the library with a variety of patrons improved their com- munication skills which will help them in their future employment. Dominique, Chris and Aline wrote that working at the library exposed them to the world of information

in our databases, which made them better researchers. They expect to need those skills in their careers as well.

Michael appreciated the opportunity he had to practice using his data analytics skills in anticipation of his career in sports analytics. Ethan and Christina felt inspired to do their best in their own studies through their contact with other students in the library who were working hard. Alecx plans to put the skills he learned here to good use by being helpful, resourceful and even keeping logs of his work.

Finally Emily echoed many others in saying how much she has appreciated the time spent working with all the student workers and staff. We certainly enjoy getting to know our students and seeing them grow during the time they work here. We wish them well and hope they will stay in touch.

Congratulations everyone.

This article was co-written by the members of the library staff. They are staff writers for Le Provocateur.




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