November 2, 2018

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You Made it Here

Published 6m ago -

Dana Foley, Staff Writer Victims, or moreover survivors, of sexual assault have been prominent in the media lately. People’s anger of “victim blaming” and overlooking assault completely has hit home for people globally. One in four women and one in six m... More »

Soothing Sounds from Ladd and Thomas

Published 6m ago -

Katherine O’Neil, Staff Writer Just a man and his guitar. That is all that was needed to impress audiences Thursday, October 18th as Christopher Ladd took the stage in the Tsotsis Family Academic Center. Now a world-renowned classical guitarist, it is ha... More »

Behind Bars: Inequalities of the oppressed

Published 6m ago -

Maria Riberdy, Staff Writer Many Americans today feel as though we have made great strides towards equality for all, including people of color and immigrants. However it seems that all the steps we have taken to overcome our past mistakes is coming back to hau... More »

Assumption announces new partnership

Published 6m ago -

Celia Smith, Assistant Editor-In-Chief Cheers echoed through the Kelly Atrium this past Thursday as Larry Lucchino, current Chairman of the Pawtucket Red Sox and former President and CEO of the Boston Red Sox, spoke the words: “Today I am proud to announce, ... More »

Dining through the Decades

Published 6m ago -

Tiffany Chin, Staff Writer Many students on campus have many different opinions about Taylor Dining Hall. Whether it is positive, negative or somewhere in between, students love it when they do their themed dinners. It is always something to look forward to be... More »

MSNBC Host visits Assumption

Published 6m ago -

By Richard Hudson, Staff WriterThis past Thursday, Assumption College’s Department of Political Science hosted the opening of the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Center for Scholarship and Statesmanship. This center is named after the late senator from New York, Dan... More »