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Terror in Barcelona… Part One

Published 1w ago -

Sarah Ardolino, Arts & Entertainment Editor One of the most beautiful things about study abroad in Europe is the ease of travel to other neighboring countries. Airfare is cheap and there is an abundance of hostels everywhere. So naturally, my fellow Rome ... More »


The mystique of the opal

Published 3w ago -

Sarah Ardolino, Arts & Entertainment Editor I wear the same five rings every day. Three on my left land, two on my right. I honestly do not feel like myself if I am in a rush and forgot to put them on in the morning or if I have to take them off before a ... More »


The Last Issue of the Semester

Published 2m ago -

Sarah Ardolino, Arts & Entertainment Editor To honor the name of my column and this issue being the last of the semester, I have decided to compose a list of some of my arbitrary thoughts from the past few weeks. And at this point of my writing career for... More »