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How the arts have impacted me

Published 3d ago -

Julianna Montminy, Staff Writer The soft and steady hum of a Singer sewing machine buzzes through my mind as I recall when my mother first taught me how to sew. I was 7 years old and I distinctly recall holding a pink plastic sewing needle while sitting at the... More »


How the Arts Impacted Me

Published 2w ago -

Alicia Burrows, Staff Writer My mom always tells me that I learned how to dance before I could even walk. While, obviously, I know that this is not true, I understand what her point is. I started taking creative dance classes when I was four and I fell in love... More »

How the arts have impacted me

Published 1m ago -

Christine Toher staff writer Since I could speak, music has been my entire world. Every home movie my family has from the time I was two involved me singing some type of song I had created. This love of music is why nobody was surprised when I wanted to learn ... More »