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Music Memoirs: SIR MATTY V

Published 6d ago -

Joe Letizio, Arts and Entertainment Editor During a recent interview I had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Varao (Sir Matty V). For those who do not know Sir Matty V as well as I do, he started his journey when he was only 13 years old. During this time, he... More »

College and COVID-19

Published 3w ago -

Joe Letizio, Arts & Entertainment Editor As college students continue to do their best to deal with COVID-19, life has been altered in many ways. From hybrid classes to social distancing (though these are old news at this point), we must remain strong dur... More »

A Reflection

Published 1m ago -

Joe Letizio, Arts & Entertainment Editor During my sophomore year at Assumption College I learned two important things; (the importance of being punctual and how to manage my classes). Though it is easier to learn from my past in the present time, one thi... More »