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Dancing my way through life

Published 2y ago -

Alicia Burrows Staff Writer My mom always tells me that I learned how to dance before I could even walk. While, obviously, I know that this is not true, I understand what her point is. I started taking creative dance classes when I was four and I fell in love.... More »

“A Simple Favor” is simply suspenseful

Published 2y ago -

Marisa Butler staff writer Originally a novel written by Harper Bell, “A Simple Favor” is the story of two women who form an unlikely and more than dysfunctional friendship. Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) is a mom, blogger and widow who will go to the ends of t... More »

The summer of Kanye West

Published 2y ago -

Luke Orlando staff writer It would take years to pour through all the artists Kanye has touched in his relatively young career. Many people will claim he is past his prime. Even Kanye said, “I miss the old Kanye” in I Love Kanye from 2016’s The Life of P... More »

How music has molded me

Published 2y ago -

Christine Toher Staff writer Since I could speak, music has been my entire world. Every home movie my family has from the time I was two involved me singing some type of song I had created. This love of music is why nobody was surprised when I wanted to learn ... More »

Putting the “care” in self-care

Published 2y ago -

Have you ever had a moment of pure serenity? One where you felt like the world was finally moving slowly, even though it truly wasn’t? One where your body almost felt as if it was floating? I hadn’t found this moment much this semester. I haven’t even fo... More »