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So close, so far

Published 2m ago -

During my advising meeting last week, I found out that I can graduate a semester early. And I sort of love that. No, I really love that. Because one night, while reading The Bell Jar, I was suddenly struck by the revelation that I’m about to be a bonafide a... More »


You’ll never be glamour

Published 3m ago -

So I need to vent about money. I hate talking about money because it should never be anyone’s primary concern. Money is the root of so many problems no matter the scope; whether personal or societal, the matter of gaining money is a tireless, dark and never-... More »

Us kids know

Published 3m ago -

It only takes one album. One album that opens your eyes and questions your body and your mind and your soul. One that you can’t comprehend its existence in the context of your life. One that makes you reconsider that. One that makes you adjust your gaze ever... More »

Scenario Advice

Published 5m ago -

College is a wonderful and frightening place. Everything is new, the environment is unfamiliar and you’ve likely never been in the sort of social situations that you’re thrown into at college. But everyone is in the same boat, figuring it all out. There ar... More »