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When a song hits you

Published 2m ago -

Something that I have never understood, and probably never will understand, is how music can just hit me. Sometimes I hear a song and something just clicks inside of me. It is quite like the feeling of sampling a decadent chocolate gelato in Roma because you c... More »

Two decades have gone by

Published 3m ago -

Two decades have gone by for me: 20 winters, 20 springs, 20 summers and 20 autumns. I cannot seem to grasp the significance of such a number. I have long felt twenty, since I have been in college for almost two and a half years, but now it is my true age. I of... More »

I was going to write about…

Published 3m ago -

I was going to write about old movies and shows that I like: about that twinkle in my eye when Katherine Hepburn graces the screen in The Philadelphia Story, or about how watching Raymond Burr play the part of Perry Mason is an extension of my childhood. I us... More »

Old fashioned, it’s fine

Published 4m ago -

When most people see me around on campus, I’m always doing something. There was one guy who always used to tease me about the fact that I am everywhere. Every time I greeted him, he would just ask me what group, job or class I was running around for. He was ... More »