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InterVarsity presence on campus

Published 4m ago -

My name is Rachel Dean, and I am a new Campus Minister serving with Athletes Ministry and as the Minister in Residence for the Alumni and Des Residence Halls.  Because college is a pivotal time, I love working with students as they make decisions and as they ... More »

“Be a Greenhound week” a success

Published 4m ago -

In early November, the Greenhounds Club welcomed students and faculty to a variety of events and activities. Through its appropriately named “Be a Greenhound Week,” the club hoped to promote sustainable efforts on and off campus. The week officially began ... More »

Lights in Salamanca

Published 4m ago -

Gathered around a bench in front of the clock in the Plaza, we waited with bated breath. It was our last night, and we’d never seen it. I had been out on one last citywide adventure with one of my roommates. Peyton and I walked all the way out to the Roman b... More »

Christmas at Assumption

Published 4m ago -

As Assumption College welcomes the month of November and the crisp fall weather that comes with it, students are reminded that Christmas is right around the corner. Whether you are curled up to a movie with a mug of hot chocolate or outside making snowmen in t... More »

When a song hits you

Published 4m ago -

Something that I have never understood, and probably never will understand, is how music can just hit me. Sometimes I hear a song and something just clicks inside of me. It is quite like the feeling of sampling a decadent chocolate gelato in Roma because you c... More »

The START experience

Published 4m ago -

 The reason why we are all here is because someone wanted us to be here. Someone who loves us so dearly, it pains Him every time we hurt one another. And for all the non-believers out there, or the ones who are doubting His existence, let me start with the fo... More »


Sometimes the journey is the destination

Published 5m ago -

Sometimes the journey can be the destination. This is a shout-out to all who are struggling with the transition to college life, figuring out how to meet the various new challenges or even feel overwhelmed to a point of paralysis. You are not alone. In all ho... More »

It takes a villiage

Published 5m ago -

Assumption College is famous for handing out t-shirts. I have an assorted collection, like many students, of shirts of various sports teams, clubs. But there is one that stands out in my closet, despite the fact it is blue: my Agape Latte shirt. For this shirt... More »

Coming soon in CAB

Published 5m ago -

CAB has had a busy few months planning and executing events for the students. Plant night allowed students to pick out a plant for their room and design the pot the way they desired. The students loved the opportunity to change their room and adding some life ... More »

Two decades have gone by

Published 5m ago -

Two decades have gone by for me: 20 winters, 20 springs, 20 summers and 20 autumns. I cannot seem to grasp the significance of such a number. I have long felt twenty, since I have been in college for almost two and a half years, but now it is my true age. I of... More »

Student voices

Published 5m ago -

I don’t think most people realize it, but student representatives actually sit on many committees across the college in order to assist with decision making when changes are taking place. This is not to say we can have input in all decisions, but we do in ma... More »

No single favorite memory; a whole lot

Published 5m ago -

Q: What is your favorite Assumption Memory? A: I can’t say that I have one. Being in my final year here, I’ve come to think about what I will take away from this campus. What story, which moment will I set aside as my go-to “favorite memory;” the one t... More »