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Two decades have gone by

Published 3m ago -

Two decades have gone by for me: 20 winters, 20 springs, 20 summers and 20 autumns. I cannot seem to grasp the significance of such a number. I have long felt twenty, since I have been in college for almost two and a half years, but now it is my true age. I of... More »

Student voices

Published 3m ago -

I don’t think most people realize it, but student representatives actually sit on many committees across the college in order to assist with decision making when changes are taking place. This is not to say we can have input in all decisions, but we do in ma... More »

No single favorite memory; a whole lot

Published 3m ago -

Q: What is your favorite Assumption Memory? A: I can’t say that I have one. Being in my final year here, I’ve come to think about what I will take away from this campus. What story, which moment will I set aside as my go-to “favorite memory;” the one t... More »

ALANA on taking the knee

Published 3m ago -

If there is one thing America is known for around the world, it is for being the land of the free. Free in a number of different ways such as, self-expression and freedom of speech. Recently the National Football League (NFL), has been dealing with a form of f... More »


A Hound’s experience in Washington D.C.

Published 3m ago -

There’s no way I’m going to properly portray my time in D.C. in this tiny article. In my first draft, I wrote about all the fancy things I did and all the prestigious people I met. But, that’s not what I cared about most. Yes, I learned so much and had a... More »

Obtaining resources outside Assumption

Published 3m ago -

Did you know that in addition to the library collection here at d’Alzon Library, you also have access to thousands of resources through the interlibrary loan service (ILL) and the Academic & Research Collaborative (ARC) borrowing system? The Assumption C... More »

Come hear stories from students of color

Published 3m ago -

The African Latino/Hispanic Asian and Native American Network (ALANA) works towards creating change on Assumption’s campus to better the experience for our students of color. We also make an effort to educate our peers, faculty and staff on the difficult... More »

A student voice in the academic realm

Published 3m ago -

Hello, my name is Kara O’Connell, and I am this year’s Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President for Academic Affairs. After our elections (and a few special elections) we finally have a full SGA senate, all of our class officers and all of our e... More »

I was going to write about…

Published 3m ago -

I was going to write about old movies and shows that I like: about that twinkle in my eye when Katherine Hepburn graces the screen in The Philadelphia Story, or about how watching Raymond Burr play the part of Perry Mason is an extension of my childhood. I us... More »

For October, Greenhounds to focus on fair trade

Published 3m ago -

In case you didn’t already know, October is Fair Trade Awareness month, a whole 31 days dedicated to raising awareness on the importance of fair trade and to promote the use of sustainable products instead of ones that harm the environment, the economy and t... More »