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Best study spots

Published 7m ago -

College is a whole new world from high school; yet one thing remains the same: quizzes, exams, projects, and many papers. You’re probably not aware of where you can crack open a book and begin focusing in your new vicinity. As a freshman, I too was unaware o... More »


A note from the library

Published 7m ago -

All of us here at the Emmanuel d’Alzon Library welcome you as part of the Assumption College community. We are here to help you in whatever ways we can. We are excited to tell you about a new program: Personal Librarians. If you are a first-year student, you... More »

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RA’s Perspective

Published 1y ago -

Morbi sit amet leo id ligula scelerisque eleifend non in nisl. Vivamus egestas quis lacus id mollis. Maecenas aliquam sit amet sapien et scelerisque. Mauris nisl urna, interdum quis elementum eget, aliquam sed elit. Donec dictum sed arcu vel imperdiet. Nam sit... More »