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Eleven Killed in Pittsburgh shooting

Published 4m ago -

Tyler Cullen – Staff Writer A gunman who opened fire in the Tree of Life Synagogue killed eleven people and injured six others. This horrible massacre was carried out on the morning of October 27, on what would have been a normal Saturday morning. The ma... More »

Assumption announces new partnership

Published 5m ago -

Celia Smith, Assistant Editor-In-Chief Cheers echoed through the Kelly Atrium this past Thursday as Larry Lucchino, current Chairman of the Pawtucket Red Sox and former President and CEO of the Boston Red Sox, spoke the words: “Today I am proud to announce, ... More »

MSNBC Host visits Assumption

Published 5m ago -

By Richard Hudson, Staff WriterThis past Thursday, Assumption College’s Department of Political Science hosted the opening of the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Center for Scholarship and Statesmanship. This center is named after the late senator from New York, Dan... More »

Supreme Court justice under fire

Published 5m ago -

Eric Guditz Copy Editor Emotions ran high at the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on September 27, during the testimony of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Chris¬tine Blasey Ford, professor of psychology at Palo Alto University and a resea... More »

Bringing back the Baroque

Published 5m ago -

Jakob Pohlman Staff Writer During the common hour on Thursday, September 27th, the Bach Consort of Worcester performed iconic baroque-era pieces using strings, flute, harpsichord and acoustic guitar. The Bach Consort of Worcester is a musical performance group... More »