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Tolerance takeover: Augustine on modern boredom

Published 1y ago -

Katelynn Rosa Staff Writer The world we live in today is what it is due to technology. We use our phones to connect with others from across the world, whether it is through a basic phone call or to simply post a picture on Instagram. But, we have failed when i... More »

CAB makes home wherever the Hounds are together

Published 1y ago -

Skyler Hesch Staff Writer What makes a home, home? Is it the location? The color? The carpet that has been in your living room for years? The bedroom walls your dad painted when you were ten? The smell of dinner in the oven? Home may be all of these things, bu... More »

Two decades, two years

Published 1y ago -

As I began to reflect back on what the past twenty-two years of my life brought, I started to think about what life is to me. Life is hard, we all know that, but it’s the way in which we choose to tackle this challenge that determines whether life is unbeara... More »

Cosby sentenced three to ten years

Published 1y ago -

Eric Guditz Copy Editor Once known as “America’s Dad,” Bill Cosby is an entertainment icon whose career has spanned over five decades. On September 25th he appeared in a courthouse in Norristown, PA, and was sentenced to three to ten years in state priso... More »

New event for SGA in the works

Published 1y ago -

Colin McQuillian Vice President for Student Affairs The fall at Assumption is one of the most beautiful and best times of the year here on 500 Salisbury Street. The leaves are changing colors and the campus is at its peak of beauty. With the month of October a... More »

Pre-Law lunch

Published 1y ago -

Tyler Cullen Staff Writer Last Friday, September 28th, the first pre law luncheon was held at Charlie’s from 12:30-1:30. This meeting was just one of many upcoming meetings, the group has plans to meet around three times each semester. At the start of the me... More »

Bringing back the Baroque

Published 1y ago -

Jakob Pohlman Staff Writer During the common hour on Thursday, September 27th, the Bach Consort of Worcester performed iconic baroque-era pieces using strings, flute, harpsichord and acoustic guitar. The Bach Consort of Worcester is a musical performance group... More »