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New Year, New Me

Published 9m ago -

Sarah Ardolino Staff Writer I going to be honest with you, I hate New Year’s resolutions. Actually, let me rephrase that: I hate unrealistic New Year’s resolutions that always seem to be broken in the first month of starting. You know how it goes; the gym ... More »


Taking risks

Published 9m ago -

Here I am again readers, back at it with another column in this issue. If you read my other column in the news section, you would know that I mentioned that this semester is going to be one of reflection for myself based off the many commitments (both new and ... More »

Ben and Jerry’s over Breyers

Published 9m ago -

Meg Brennan Staff Writer If you know anything about me, I’m a bit of an ice cream enthusiast – it’s my dessert of choice, and if an opportunity arises to get a scoop, I’m taking it. Since I love ice cream so much, I’ve tried a multitude of brands to ... More »

Best Super Bowl commercial

Published 9m ago -

Leilah Bruno Staff Writer Many people watch the Super Bowl for the obvious reasons; to watch football and see two of the best teams go head to head to win the Vince Lombardi trophy. Many focus on the halftime show, which features a concert of the top few headl... More »

Beauty highlight: Skincare

Published 9m ago -

Celia Rose Smith Assistant Editor-In-Chief Though it may seem uncharacteristic of my usual interests, I’ve been pretty obsessed with skincare and beauty products lately. I must admit this is not the first time I have experienced this infatuation. It was quit... More »

Interdimensional Cable

Published 9m ago -

This past Sunday, I sat down in my living room to watch the Grammy’s live. While a standard viewing for the typical millennial, my experience was undeniably quite a culture shock. As I watched, I came to the realization that I have been living like a troll u... More »

iPod Sentiments

Published 11m ago -

Celia Rose Smith Assistant Editor-In-Chief Hello readers, welcome to my column. For those of you who are strangers to my existence, my name is Celia Smith and I am the Assistant Editor-in-Chief and Opinion editor of Le Provocateur. I am a Virgo, a crucial fact... More »

Soundtrack of my semester

Published 11m ago -

Celia Rose Smith – As­sis­tant Ed­i­tor-In-Chief My semester can be summed up as a messy collage of personal struggles—snippets of puffy eyes, mental breakdowns, an inability to properly function, poems so emo they leave my class silent and a Spotify... More »

To Tinder or not To Tinder?

Published 12m ago -

Ruth Richardson – Staff Writer Tinder has become more than fire fodder in recent years; it is a dating app set on a whole new level through use of its personalized format and often entertaining bios. More impersonal than sites such as eHarmony, Tinder h... More »

It Takes Time

Published 12m ago -

Celia Smith – Assistant Editor-In-Chief If you’ve read my column in the past, you may have noticed a slight change this issue. Before I dive into my topic for this week, I want to share my reasoning behind the switch from “Celia’s Satire” to “C... More »

Crippling Debt

Published 12m ago -

Kristina Wyman – Campus Life Editor The time has come. In just a few short months, I will be graduating college. Time sure does fly by, considering it feels like I just got to Assumption not that long ago. In reality, it has been four years here at Assum... More »