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Face the Music

Published 7m ago -

Like everyone, I always write about the things that I love. I’ve written about movies, books, the paranormal or just moments in my life that have made me laugh. But, one thing I’ve never written about is my passion for music. In high school, I did every ch... More »

Caroline Says: Surviving 2017

Published 8m ago -

For the past three years, I’ve always started off the New Year by processing the year before. I begin with going back. I do so by sharing my top three most embarrassing moments of the year prior. There has been a lot of tripping, yelling and a whole bunch of... More »

Unique New York

Published 12m ago -

Everyone likes to think that they’re different, that there’s something about them that makes them unique from everyone else. We all have that angsty 13 year-old inside of us that thinks that no one could possibly understand us. But, what if that wasn’t t... More »

Every last one

Published 12m ago -

For a writer, I’m actually pretty bad at reading. Over the summer, when I really didn’t have much to do, I could finish a book in about a week. Once school begins, it can take me months to even get halfway through something. I also may not even finish it d... More »

I’m trying

Published 1y ago -

If you read this column last year then you might remember the list of New Year’s resolutions that I made for myself. I did one update back in March to check in on how I’m doing and I feel like now is a good time to do another evaluation. If you’re new an... More »