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Carry on

Published 3m ago -

Do you ever think back to those long-lost friendships from years ago? Maybe you had an argument about some trivial, middle-school drama and vowed never to speak to each other again. Maybe you had a friend group that you were absolutely inseparable with, but as... More »

Go your own way

Published 3m ago -

So here we are. We’ve officially hit the halfway point of the semester. Welcome to midterms, people. The fact that I’m a senior this year took a while to sink in. At the beginning of the semester, I was pretty much ready to jump into the real world. Four y... More »

Save myself

Published 4m ago -

For some reason, the 2017 school year has become an emotional roller coaster. Over here, we have Assumption’s budget cuts that are causing a lot of worry for a lot of people, while over there, everyone’s personal lives are changing, simply because a new ye... More »