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It’s okay to be scared

Published 2m ago -

Most of the senior columns I’ve read in my four years at Assumption have said something along the lines of “it goes so fast, don’t take it for granted,” which is true enough, but I kind of feel like they almost always geared toward underclassmen and te... More »


Tricks are for kids (and maybe I’m still one)

Published 3m ago -

What you’re about to witness will be the greatest trick you have ever seen in your life. As you can tell, there is nothing up my sleeves. Close your eyes. On the count of four, open them, and be amazed. One…two…three…four. And that’s basi... More »

Finding the foundation

Published 3m ago -

 When I first began applying for colleges, I knew that I wanted to major in History. I always had a certain passion for the subject, and I wanted to spend the next four years of my life studying it in detail. Of course, as soon as I told any friends and famil... More »