CAB makes home wherever the Hounds are together

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Skyler Hesch
Staff Writer

What makes a home, home? Is it the location? The color? The carpet that has been in your living room for years? The bedroom walls your dad painted when you were ten? The smell of dinner in the oven? Home may be all of these things, but to the students at Assumption College, “Home is Wherever Hounds are Together.”
This year, Assumption College’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) planned 2018’s Family Weekend around the theme “Home is Wherever Hounds are Together,” incorporating this theme into the decor in Taylor, registration booth in Hagan and advertisements throughout the dorms and campus. Family Weekend was held from Friday September 28th to Sunday September 30th, serving over 150 registered families and hundreds of student attendees.
Friday started very bleak, the sky full of melancholy clouds, threatening a downpour of rain at any given minute. Eventually the clouds opened, and the rain created puddles only to be avoided by students wearing raincoats and bean boots, holding an umbrella in one hand

and their iPhone in the other. However, as the day dragged on, as all Fridays do, the sky lightened up to a soft blue, and the sun stopped hiding behind the clouds, just as families began to arrive on campus for a night of fun.
On Friday, families and students were encouraged to eat together at Taylor Dining Hall, where parents could learn the ropes of Taylor – what foods to avoid, what is usually good, or at least edible and where to sit. Taylor is a good place for them to start. Charlie’s would be all too overwhelming full of families and students trying to explain the kiosks and pick three for meals.
After dinner, families were encouraged to attend Bingo, which began at 8 p.m. in Hagan Hall. The available tables and chairs quickly filled with smiling families, as did the floor space and the hallway outside. Prizes included a Smart TV, Kitchen Aid Blender and Kitchen Pack, Cozy Pack, Gift Cards and a FitBit. Gift cards to Chick-Fil-A and Dunkin’ were also raffled off to unsuspecting winners. CAB provided pizza, cupcakes from Queen’s Cups, and a Candy Bar for all to enjoy.
Saturday started sunny and sixty-

five, the sun shining brightly on the fallen leaves and smiling faces. Brunch was served in Taylor from 10:30a.m. to 2:30p.m., featuring the famous omelette bar, chocolate chip pancakes, fresh fruit and, as always, the waffle maker.
After brunch, families could check out the Chorale and Band concerts, the Tennis match against SNHU, the Volleyball game against LeMoyne and the Football game against American International College.
The annual Fall Festival started on Hagan Lawn at 2 p.m., free for families and students. Attendees could make caramel apples coated in their favorite toppings, enjoy a cider donut, feel nostalgic as they waited in line to get ice cream from an ice cream truck, realize they were still a kid at heart while going down the big slide, feel rebellious while receiving a glitter tattoo, get creative while painting pumpkins or have their family photo taken in front of the big tree. Fall Fest ended at 5 p.m. with many happy faces, paint stained shirts, glitter tattoos and ice cream wrappers spilling out of the trash.
Family Weekend Registration Executive Emily Grillo said, “Planning was stressful. At a point we almost didn’t get our pumpkin delivery on time, but luckily everything worked out!”
Fall Fest attendee junior Taylor Soukas commented, “It’s my third year at Assumption and every year I always look forward to Family Weekend. I went to the Fall Festival and it was awesome to see all the families there making caramel apples and taking pictures.”
Later on Saturday night, Assumption College CAB presented AC Idol, where seven contestants would sing their hearts out on the stage in the Tsostis Auditorium, competing for an Apple Watch and Assumption apparel. A dessert bar was also free for event attendees. Winner, Tess Rembetsey- Brown called AC Idol “a night for the books,” and later commented, “I never realized how talented Assumption was and I was impressed by all the other competitors.” Tess would also like to thank “my friends and my teammates for all their support at the event.”
CAB Executive Members Chairperson commented, “I think a lot of families enjoyed the activities we had.

Family Weekend is always an exciting and busy time for CAB and I’m proud it was a success.”
Even though Family Weekend is over, Assumption can still be called “home,” as long as the Hounds are together.
Interested in getting involved with event planning on campus? Join CAB. They meet every Wednesday at 6:30p.m. in the SARR. Also, check out CAB’s upcoming “Halloweekend” events including a trip to Fright Fest on Friday and a late night with a mechanical pumpkin and glow-in-the-dark mini golf on Saturday.

Skyler Hesch, a junior, studies English. She is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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