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Published 4 years ago -

Kristina Wyman
Campus Life Editor

This article will start a series consisting of insights to the different clubs on campus and a general overview of what the clubs continue to present for us and have been known to present. The club spotlight that we feature in this section is specifics on a club’s particular event or events coming up relatively soon or that have just passed. The club spotlight is used to provided details from club representatives specifically on that club; an article for that club to show us all about them. This series will be different in the sense that it will briefly describe things you may be a part of when participating and being in that club. It’s a short synopsis per say, to get our readers even more acquainted to our clubs offered on campus. More information for anyone who wants to know a little more besides just posting meeting times of the clubs.
The three clubs that we will be providing some generalized information for will be the Student Government Association (SGA), Campus Activities Board (CAB), and Peers Advocating for the Wellness of Students (PAWS).
SGA is a well-known club here and a part of the big six clubs located in the dining area of Charlie’s in the Hagan Campus Center. Some activities they have been known for hosting is our school’s multiple blood drives with the Red Cross. Other events they host include Midnight Madness, Christmas Tree Lighting, Midnight Breakfast, and Founder’s Week. This is just some events to name a few that SGA has hosted before and has continued to host. Other important duties SGA completes for our student body is talking with administrators to get our voices heard, as well as help indicate what changes we need around campus, light walkways that need paving or new gym equipment. This is just a short synopsis of what you could be foundational part of when joining SGA.
CAB is another well-known club that is a part of the big six clubs in Hagan. The Campus Activities Board plans over 90% of the events you see on campus. CAB hosts the annual Family and Siblings Weekends, Winter Bash, Spring Concert, weekend programing, weekday programing, travel events, and media weeks. Being a part of CAB helps you be involved in all these events you see the club host. It is pretty cool to take part in planning these big events and seeing many people turn out to come and see what’s happening.
PAWS is yet another big six club in Hagan. PAWS is like the parent of clubs. This club is meant to show our students different ways to lead healthy lives from day to night. They cover topics from night life to the everyday health we need to focus on. They host multiple campus wide events as well. The club does weekday and some weekend programming, as well as hosting CPR training annually. Other important events they hold for us are Fresh Check Day which will occur before the end of the semester, and destress fests placed at opportune times of student stress. The distress fest helps those in need during the most stressful time for most students; finals.
All of these clubs help enrich our campus and we are thankful for them. More clubs we are thankful for will be seen in the next issues of Le Provocateur.

Kristina Wyman, a senior, studies English and Psychology. She is the Campus Life Editor for Le Provocateur.

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