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Tyler Cullen
Staff Writer

Last Friday, September 28th, the first pre law luncheon was held at Charlie’s from 12:30-1:30. This meeting was just one of many upcoming meetings, the group has plans to meet around three times each semester.
At the start of the meeting, a basic overview of pre law, as it relates to Assumption College and the students, was given. Firstly, because there is no formal pre law major at Assumption, but rather a LEX program, it is important for those interested in pre law to attend these meetings.
A goal for the group is to establish a greater sense of community for those who desire to study law as a profession. The program is aimed at preparing students for the LSATS and, eventually, law school. This is important because the LSAT is a test for those who want to get into the field of law, and it has a huge impact when it comes to determining the graduate school one can attend.
Resourceful would be one word that effectively describe the meeting that took place on Friday, several tips were given along with substantial tools for success. There were mentions of practice tests that could be taken online along with the idea of forming study groups and attempts to raise money for the program.
A few reliable websites given to help pre law students were Khan Academy and In addition to these resources, there was a heavy emphasis on Moot Court, a club on campus that was founded to debate certain court cases, primarily those decided by the Supreme Court.
There were also talks of bringing speakers to campus to give students a bigger picture of what a career in law can lead to and how to stay on the right path in order to effectively start a career. Certain ideas for the types of speakers that should be brought on to campus were alumni who are currently practicing lawyers or even prominent lawyers at large in the greater Worcester area.
Furthermore, along with bringing up the idea of having speakers come to the school, the meeting was also effective in giving a greater understanding of how rigorous the study of law is and how discouraging it may seem at times. There were mentions of certain law schools that were seemingly more challenging to get into, and also mentions of law schools that were in good standing with Assumption College.
Another goal of the group would be to get law schools to actually visit, and it was stated that the pre law organization at Assumption was communicating with several schools, one being UMass Dartmouth.  
In all, this meeting was refreshing and was able to give a lot of insight on what is yet to come for not only pre law as a program at Assumption, but also for its students involved in studying law for the near future. Many of the members are looking forward to the next meeting, while also hoping for a greater crowd to expand the pre law community here on campus.
Although pre law can be viewed as a grueling and even demeaning process, being able to enjoy the company and knowledge of others was a great experience that is a must for those contemplating law as a career.

Tyler Cullen, a first-year, studies political science. He is a staff writer for Le Provocateur.

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