Time Continues

Published 4 years ago -

There are so many instances where I bet we could all nod in agreement, that we are just in a writing rut. A drought as you could define it, where any writing ability seems completely abysmal. Well friends, that moment is exactly where I’m at right now. Joyous times.
I sit here in the CAB (Campus Activities Board) office, where I’m trying to figure out some kind of masterpiece to write for you all. Just a heads up, I don’t see a masterpiece from me in the foreseeable future in this issue, so I’m sorry to disappoint, maybe next times cherubs. Alas, I digress, perhaps I shall get back to brainstorming on what to write.
Well, here it is friends: It is ok to not know what you are going to write about. I bet more than most of you would like to admit, you’ve found yourself watching Netflix or spontaneously cleaning while avoiding that writing assignment that taunts you currently on your desk. Ah yes, what a familiar feeling. The feeling of “hey, I have plenty of time to write this assignment now, since I have dedicated this night to getting five hours of sleep”.
So, then you find your room in the cleanest shape it has been in weeks, everything oh so organized, but alas, that paper still lays there, grinning at your inevitable fate; an all-nighter. Now you have come to terms with just settling for no sleep at all, in which you tell yourself “awesome, I have even more time to get this done now since I won’t have to worry about getting to sleep. I feel so much better now that I have so much time”. This may be a calming feeling in the moment, but then the internet says “hey, what’s up? Want to watch random documentaries and Netflix since you have so much time on your hands now?”. The answer to this is of course, because why make our situation easier by just sitting down and writing the paper? That’s a fool’s game.
Inevitably, you find yourself right back at square one; less time than you would like to complete this assignment and pass in some good well thought out work. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always pan out the way you thought, so you end up settling with adrenaline fueled thoughts on paper, hoping for the best. Admittedly, this does work for some people and their grade is virtually unaffected. That’s good news, but many of us still feel we have let ourselves down by wasting our time and sleep hygiene procrastinating on something that could’ve well been taken care of before that point.
This relates back to my point, it’s ok to not know what to write about sometimes. You end up learning at some point from these late-night experiences, and soon enough you’ll get things done in a timely manner. I say this, but still struggle from time to time as well, finding myself enduring an all-nighter once in a great while. My beginning years of college were full of all-nighters, but then I decided sleep was necessary and I have been trying to keep to a better schedule of school work to ensure this sleep occurs. My tip to you: work on getting out of the cycle of saving big pieces of work for last, get them done first and you’ll thank yourself later. This is easier said than done of course, but strive for that goal.

Krstina Wyman, a senior, studies English and psychology. She is the Campus Life Editor of Le Provocateur.

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