Dining through the Decades

Published 4 years ago -

Tiffany Chin, Staff Writer

Many students on campus have many different opinions about Taylor Dining Hall. Whether it is positive, negative or somewhere in between, students love it when they do their themed dinners. It is always something to look forward to because they go all out for them.

On October 17th, Taylor had “Dining through the Decades” as their themed dinner. Dining through the Decades? What’s that? You may remember growing up eating certain foods as a kid. You may even remember watching movies growing up that now may seem like it has been years since they were released. We now consider these movies as classics or must-see’s. Imagine all of that into our dining hall.

Now, imagine walking to Taylor for dinner and you expect just to go in, grab some food, and head out to do some homework in the library, hang out with some friends, or just have a relaxing evening in your dorm room. Surprise! Instead, you see that they have displayed different movies around the dining hall. These include movies such as “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Home Alone” and “Harry Potter.” Other than that, they had posters and displays hanging around the walls of other movies. This included movies such as “Toy Story,” “Back to the Future,” “Jaws,” “Ghost Buster,” “Forrest Gump” and “Star Wars.” Speaking of these movies, Taylor’s got creative with their food as well. They had their deli transformed around the movie of “Jurassic Park,” and their desserts were based on “Finding Nemo.”

Instead of eating the usual vanilla or chocolate cupcake, Nemo is iced right on top of that cupcake. Instead of getting a burger and fries from the grill like you usually would, you were “getting” your food from Holt’s Dinner, which comes from the movie “Back to the Future.” Other than that, they also had a mac and cheese bar, mozzarella sticks, milk shakes, rotisserie chicken, popcorn as if you got them in the movie theater, popcorn shrimp, butter beer, popcorn, pigs in a blanket, a sundae bar and even had a waffle bar. Especially around midterm season, a dinner like this definitely allows us to reminisce on old memories as a kid, growing up eating comfort food and watching a good movie.

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